Saturday, June 28, 2014


You guys, the other day I was at McDonalds and a lady complemented my hair color at McDonalds and I have literally thought about how nice she was a few times a day. It was such a simple and easy thing for this lady to do, she probably didn't even give it a second thought but I was so appreciative. This experience made me think of a completely different experience that happened a couple years ago. 
So a few years ago, my family had taken in three little girls, 10, 8 and 2. It was a pretty overwhelming experience for my family. So back to school time rolled around and one day I decided I was going to give my Mom a break and take all three girls back to school shopping! I knew that this was going to be fairly difficult to do because Brooklyn, the two year old, has a huge screaming problem. She just SHRIEKS. For no reason. It's loud. It hurts your ears. So, knowing this fact and also being way too optimistic, I decided not to go to Justice, I decided to take them to K-Mart because you know, not the classiest shopping experience but the girls didn't really care either way because I told them we were getting ice cream after.
So about forty five minutes into the whole experience, I was like "this is going really well!" because I was just chasing after Brooklyn and the other two girls were good looking on their own. Then it got a little exhausting chasing after Brooklyn, I was getting a little impatient with how long the girls were taking and how hyper they were getting. Brooklyn started to get hungry and it was coming up on nap time. After the two girls collected enough pink bedazzled clothing items, we headed to the dressing room. I was sitting with Brooklyn in the dressing room when she did her infamous shriek because she was d o n e. She did it three times, which I didn't think was a huge deal. I was attempting to gather the girls clothes so we could leave when a lady, but really couldn't have been more than five years older than me, came out of her dressing room and literally ripped me a new one! She told me that I was ridiculous coming out in public, a joke of a mother (I really hope I don't look old enough to be a Mom to a ten year old) and she went on and on (irony of all ironies-she was wearing a BYU shirt) My first instinct was to cry, but I was also so incredibly angry! I told her off as best as I could, something about not being Christlike and then hurried the girls off to check out. Honestly, I didn't even make it to the check out line before tears started to roll down my cheeks. When I got to the parking lot, I lost it. Hadn't this lady known what my family had been through with these girls? Hadn't she known I had just gone through the worst summer of my life? Didn't she know I was just trying to do a nice thing for my Mom? I was so brokenhearted about how someone could be so incredibly awful. I wonder if that lady knows that I think about her unkind words a lot. It makes me jaded, it hurts the very inner part of me. I wonder if she knows, but I know she probably doesn't. I hope one day that lady has kids and she is in a store, or on an airplane, or anywhere really and that baby will not stop crying or shrieking or whatever. I hope that someone lets that lady know that they know she is trying her best and that it will be ok. Because it's not hard for people to be nice and it goes a loooong way. 

Has anybody had an experience like this? Or the opposite, has anyone ever had someone say something or do something incredibly kind for them?

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  1. Hey! I think you are awesome for helping out your mom... and it is even cooler you rfamily took in 3 little girls. You just went up in my book! disclaimer: I already thought you were cool.
    xo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

    1. Thank you so much!! Haha you are always so nice.

  2. I *really* like this.