Tuesday, August 12, 2014

love story, part one.

So I mentioned in my vlog that I was debating on publishing our "love *puke* story" but I got a lot of encouragement that it wouldn't be totally puke worthy, so we are going forward with it. Mostly because my nanny kids were driving me nuts so I took them to a lazer tag place that also has free wifi. Win, win. 
Apparently the world wanting to know your "love story" is a thing.  Maybe it's just a blog world thing, but regardless, love stories are some sort of thing. So here is ours. I think I am going to call this the "Smile, Smile, Puke, Puke" series. Because that is exactly what it makes me do. 
Alright, let's go!
I met Mark on August 8th, 2008. I remember that day so clearly, but I wish I could remember it differently. Let me back up.
About a month before this day, my friend Codi went to EFY. One night they had a dance. Codi got asked to dance by a lot of guys because well, she is gorgeous. This guy named Nate came up and asked her to dance. Guys, Nate was super hot from what I have been told. Super swoon worthy, or whatever. Of course he got Codi's number! Later on in the night, another guy asked Codi to dance. His name was also Nate. Don't get me wrong, this Nate has a great butt and everything but he wasn't like Nate #1. This Nate was pretty creepy and somehow got Codi's number as well.
Fast forward to a few weeks later. Hot Nate texted Codi and wanted to hang out sometime! We got it all planned out and we were so excited. The night of this hang out, Codi, Ashley and I were all huddled in the front window of Codi's house while Hot Nate drove into the driveway. As soon as he got out of his car, we realized it wasn't hot Nate at all. It was not-hot-Nate! (now that Nate is one of my closest friends, I cringe at this identifier. He has a heck of a butt, you guys! And he really is attractive. And he is in a relationship now so, he wins ultimately.) So, in case you weren't familiar with teenage Riley....brace yourself.

Ok, I couldn't find any really bad pictures but bottom line is I loved messy buns that were actually just rats nests, loved swearing and I loved anything Fall out Boy related.  Anyway, because I thought I was hardcore....
 I responded with, "Oh Shi*" when Codi said "IT'S NOT HOT NATE. WE GOT THE WRONG NATE!" We moved into crisis management mode. We tried to hide and not answer the door but Codi's Mom was not having that behavior. So next we scoped out the two friends Nate had brought with him.
Actual picture from that night, I think?? Nate is top right!
 One was really tall and lanky but pretty cute. Of course, Ashley called him right away. Seeing as the other friend Nate had brought was Asian and looked straight up pissed off, Codi called Nate to which I responded, "I sure as hell am not taking the Asian."
A snapshot of high school Mark that describes the situation completely.
So we hung out that night. I hated all of them. With a passion.They were so rude! They told us that Cobra Starship was the worst band which was highly offensive to teenage Codi and Riley. Anyway, after they left that night I said syanara to them and just went on my merry way.
Then my friend Ashley and that tall and lanky boy Chandler started ~*~CruShIn~*~ on each other, so inevitably we kept hanging out. We started to think these guys were kind of funny, we started to see that we all had the same strange sense of humor. It was a slowly, then at all once situation. I spent my entire senior year absolutely obsessed with them. It was actually sick at some points. I was trying to convince my parents to transfer me to Jordan High School. Then I realized they never went to school so I pretty much stopped going as well. At least, I stopped going to seminary. They took me to all my dances senior year. I loved every second of my friendship with them. 

 This whole time I was definitely falling in love with Mark as well, I just wasn't totally aware of it and/or wasn't ready to come to terms with it yet. One of my favorite memories was when I went to a school dance and after the night activity I dropped off my date and then went to Mark's house and he snuck out. We just laid in my car for hours and talked and talked! I really wanted him to kiss me that night and I thought he was going to! But the next day I was so embarrassed that I wanted to kiss him in the first place that I shoved it in the back of my mind and told no one. We stayed friends and incidentally both ended up going to Utah State for our freshman year of college.
Stay tuned for part two, though I am pretty convinced no one cares about this. I don't really even care about it. All I care about is we are together now! Hooray!
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  1. As always..I care!! I have been told this story in person but I still love it. And PS...I do not think the guy in the picture on the top right is Nate. I am pretty sure it is your husband. Just sayin.

    1. Haha woah, you can tell I was overly tired!

  2. I care so much about these throw back pictures. Keep 'em coming, keep 'em coming.
    the little diary

  3. I LOVE THIS. I'm so excited to read more. Hahaha your adolescence reminds me a lot of my own...

    1. Haha! Wow! Thank you! Ummm yeah, adolescence was a roughhhhh time haha I am glad you can relate.