Friday, June 6, 2014

nature vs nurture

 Before I start today, I made a Facebook page for the old blog! I am trying to move forward with things. It would mean the world to me if you liked my page!
I also wanted to thank all the bloggers I have talked to about my big blog project that is in the works. I have met a lot of really nice and awesome bloggers that I am excited to work with! There were a few bloggers that told me that they were too good for me but alas, I will recover. This is truly a cool community to be apart of, aside from the total morons. (I'm joking)

Moving on!

I'm not sure why, but I have been thinking about the nature vs nurture concept a lot lately. I think it's because I am getting older and I am starting to notice that some of my personality traits are not original to me at all, they come straight from my parents. 

I'm so fiercely my Dad. My sarcastic and cynical sense of humor, my deep love for my family, my sense that I always believe I am right. I think that is what people see right off the bat, their first impression of me is everything I absorbed from my Dad. I think it's also why people stick around. I am not tooting my own horn because it's not mine to toot, it's my Dads! I just stole it from him! But sometimes you just need to roast someone and I am the best roast partner. We also both think that the stupidest things are funny. There is this FUNGI(second from the top) joke my Dad has literally been telling since the beginning of time and I still laugh. Also yesterday I was picking out a Father's Day card and I laughed at this once card for like seriously five minutes and when Mark got home he didn't even chuckle. We like the stupid humor, me and my Dad.
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More quietly, more softly, I am my Mom. She taught me to always put others first, even when it exhausts you. She taught me the value of a McDonalds $1 drink. She is also the reason that I lock my keys in my car and leave a candle burning all night long. She taught me that it's ok to act silly if you want to and it will make people laugh. She also instilled this knowledge of right and wrong in me so incredibly deep, I am not sure how she was able to get it so deeply rooted into the very core of my conscious, but I know it was her and i'm so grateful. 
My sister Nikole and I have the exact same laugh, which I never realized until her boyfriend pointed it out a few months ago. My sister Alison and I both have a creative spirit that can't be tamed. My sister Robyn and I both have a flair for the dramatics and my brother Brandon and I both have the same attitude about life, I think. 

So these are my thoughts lately and they have lead me to root for nurture over nature. What do you all think?

Also, Happy Father's Day to my Dad who has given me the sting to my personality. I would be a really lame person without the sting. 

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  1. I'm actually a psych major, and they've concluded that a little bit of both play a role in our development. So, it's not necessarily one over the other, like everyone likes to argue. However, people still argue one has more power, but whatever. Haha. I think a mixture of both make us who we are. Put anyone in a bad situation, and they will react badly (ex: the holocaust). Nazi's were not born Nazi's, they were conditioned to think that way. So, plus one for nurture. However, there are some people who are just born bad or good. You know? Like serial killers are born serial killers and their brains are physically different than ours. There are also some kids who come from horrendous circumstances (ex: dave pelzer) who turn out to be fine. So, it's definitely a mixture, but I love to think about what things I have because of the way I've been raised, and what things are just inherently part of me! Sorry, as you can obviously tell by the length of this comment I am super into stuff like this, haha. Beautiful post though! I love how introspective you are about what you get from each parent :)

    the little diary