Sunday, June 1, 2014

new blogging project!

Hey! This post is pretty much exclusively for bloggers, so if you are one, keep reading! If not, move along, nothin to see here for a while.
 I am starting a new blogging project that I am really excited about. It could be really cool or it could really flop, but I think that's how all cool ideas are. 
The basic premise is that you will spend $10.00-$15.00 putting together a pretty little package full of cute stuff and send it to another blogger, ideally someone that isn't from where you are or someone you don't know very well, then you get one back from another blogger! It's kind of like pen pal on steroids. Kind of like a voxbox, only a lot more personal and you will make a new friend or network pal from the exchange. 
For example, I would maybe put a package of my favorite lip gloss, my favorite candy, something from Maryland, some pretty pencils or sticky notes or a little journal. Include a note, send it off! Then the next few weeks I would get something back. 
If you are interested, email me at and let's get the party started! 

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