Sunday, June 1, 2014

NYC picture dump

If you haven't gathered by now, I was in New York for a few days this weekend! Since Maryland is such a short distance from New York and Codi was lonely, I hopped on a Bolt Bus and spent a few days exploring the city. I hadn't been there since I was eight and I remember just absolutely hating it. I still wasn't super impressed, my heart will always be in Boston, but there were a couple aspects I thought were just awesome like the fact that everyone is so well dressed. And the public transportation, honestly I love public transportation. The T, the Subway, whatever it is, I think it's the best way to explore a city and truly feel like you are apart of it. ANYWAYS.
The first day I was there, we got a handle on the city a little bit by getting totally and completely lost on the subway, walking way more than we needed to, and killing our feet. Great first day! Just kidding, really we walked the entire High Line, found ourselves at the World Trade Center memorial and then ate some delicious Thai food.

We found Murray street!

This little fella stopped me as I was taking the above picture and told me I had a beautiful smile and wanted to take a picture with me. So we had a mini-photoshoot that ended up looking a lot like engagements. Woops!
We walked the High Line and it had an amazing view of the DVF building! 
One day this will make more sense.

The second and only full day I had in NYC was mostly spent solo since Codi had to work most of the day. I started the day at the temple. I then wandered to Central Park because it is only a few blocks from The Temple. Central Park was one of those things that everyone talks about and so I thought it would be overrated. Let me tell you, it was not, not one step of it. It was a beautiful day and the park was bustling yet it was quiet enough to feel so freaking peaceful in a city that is anything but. I enjoyed my time there so much and walked around for a few hours. After my feet hated me for that little journey, I went to Times Square and did a little shopping at the four story Forever 21 which actually was not as cool as I wanted it to be! I guess we are just #blessed to have great F21s in Utah. Then I had some lunch at Chelsea Market. I looked up the best taco shops in the city and this was like number two on the list. They were ok, but not on par with Cafe Rio whatsoever. 
After I picked Codi up, we went to Dylan's Candy Bar which was so awesome. I had heard about it from Project Runway when they did their unconventional challenge but it was a lot more awesome in person. It was everything I wanted the M&M Factory in Las Vegas to be. It was a real life Chocolate Factory and I was Augustus Gloop. I bought Mark a bacon flavored chocolate bar. It is pretty far from anything super touristy, but absolutely worth the stop. Codi and I decided we wanted to be even more fat and so we went to Serendipity 3 and got the famous Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate. It was more like extremely delicious chocolate milk. 

outside the temple

pretty houses all around the Temp!

These couples on boats were making me miss Mark so much.

I think I am about to go eat one of these. Mark just ate the bacon one and gave good reviews!

I'm so glad we shared, together we got about halfway into it before we were full to the brim.

It was a good little getaway since I start my nanny job tomorrow and I couldn't sit in my apartment for another couple of days. I'm super happy to be home with Mark though!

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