Friday, June 20, 2014

returning to the mothership

You guys, i'm gonna be honest. I think i'm Cafe Rio's biggest fan. I'm the person that gets offended when Costa Vida and Cafe Rio are compared. I actually got into an argument with Mark this week about the difference between the two. Back in Utah, I would eat Cafe Rio more than I would like to admit. Once a week at least, twice a week more likely. I really panicked when I was going to have to go the entire summer without my salads or tacos. Then, someone at our wedding that came through the line and said "You know what Maryland has that Utah also has? Cafe Rio." I swear my heart stopped. It's true you guys! Maryland has five Cafe Rios! Unfortunately they are all at least twenty miles away from us. I know now how people feel that have to drive forever to get to the Temple/Church. I can make that joke because we actually do have to drive a long time to do those things as well. Haha! Anyway, so on Saturday Mark and I made the almost 45 minute drive to Cafe Rio in Olney, MD. First of all, I was pretty offended when the workers didn't know my order. Then I realized we weren't in Utah, k fine. I was also freaking offended that Cafe Rio was basically empty at dinner time on a Saturday night. What the crap are these Maryland idiots thinking?! I was so fired up about it. When I found out my nanny family had never eaten there I was like:

So I got a chicken salad and Mark got three pork tacos. Which were free because Rio catered our wedding luncheon, obviously. 
Even though this was Mark and I's date night, we didn't say a word to each other while we were eating know when food is just so freaking good that no one at the table says anything? That's what it was. We both were totally entranced. 

I instagrammed this picture and then I was like "This really doesn't convey how happy I am" 
So then I instagrammed this picture. 

And then I tweeted this picture. Because I wanted people to know that once that cilantro ranch dressing hit my veins I was a whole different person. 
Also I kept trying to play spot the Mormon at Rio. I kept being like "Look, that lady is dressed modestly and has a kid. She's totally LDS." and then it was pointed out that just because you are dressing for the weather and happen to have a child doesn't mean you are a Morm. But you bet your bottom dollar I was still seeking out underwear lines like a total creep.
What is your guys's favorite thing to order at Rio? Even though the sweet pork is their thing, I actually don't love it! Their chicken is my favorite.

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  1. I am sorry to inform you that I HATE CR and LOVE CV. I hope that you can still be my friend :)

  2. Cafe Rio forever and always. I feel like their wildcard is their quesadillas? Because like, who orders a quesadilla? But they are just really amazing.