Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer sales makes you fat. Also, Utah.

Mark dropped me off bright and early at BWI airport this morning! I am so conflicted because I am so soooo excited to be going home but I am so sooooo sad that Mark isn't going with me. 
Anyway, this morning I decided I could never ever work at the airport. There were a serious majority of people who showed up twenty minutes before their flight left so they had to be rushed through security. Maybe it's just my fear of an anxiety attack but I always, always am way too early for the airport. I would so much rather be bored at my gate than be that person who is running through the airport. The worst part about this morning is all the people who were late were going to LA so they had this nonchalent air about them like "I don't really care that I am making everyone elses life miserable right now.." It was so obnoxious!

Anyway, changing subjects.
Did you know that summer sales makes you fat?
This is the most relevant tweet I have seen in a while...
But really. It's a problem.

Remember all those strawberries I had? I was able to make two pies with them. It was incredibly easy, I made them with jello, which made me 100% happy. But then I took one bite and I was like ".....I hate jello" and I left the pies for Mark and friends.

Mark and I went to Six Flags with his work yesterday. It was literally the hottest I have ever been in my life. It was only like 85 degrees but it was almost 100% humidity. I felt like I had heat stroke all day. It was still so fun! We left the park to eat lunch because who wants to spend almost $20 for a crappy piece of pizza? We found this sub place and I am not even kidding you, this sandwich changed my freaking life. It was THE best sandwich I have ever had. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

I will leave this random post with one story that I keep thinking about and laughing about. It could possibly be a "had to be there" thing but I'm going for it anyways. 
So Mark desperately needed a haircut. Haircuts on the East coast are EXPENSIVE, people! Dollar cuts don't exist out here. Nothing like that does. So last week I took my nanny kids to a barber shop and they did a super awesome job and it was fairly inexpensive. So I tried to take Mark to that same barber shop and it was closed! About three doors down from it was another barber shop. It looked a little...sketchy... but Mark needed a haircut so badly. Before we got out of the car I was like "Mark, what if this is one of those black only barber shops? Like where Queen Latifah works?" he was like "Riley, those do not exist."

And then Mark got a shape up haircut because it was a black barber shop. I was crying of laughter. 

Anyway, I will be in Utah in a matter of hours. Wahoo!

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