Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top Ten Fourth of July Decoration Ideas!

I'm back again with my roundup of the Top Ten Fourth of July Decoration Ideas!
I love this holiday. It is actually my favorite! I don't know why because I am not a summer person but I just love spending time with family and friends and all the fun stuff you can do! I'm so excited about some of these decoration ideas.
1. American Flag Palette
Palette projects are always fun and they always look way cute! This is a different take on the palette project that I have never seen before yet I love. It would be so easy and cost effective! That's the perfect kind of craft if you ask me. 
2. Stars and Stripes Paint Sample Banner
I'm obsessed with this mostly because it's another one of those easy crafts that looks so cute! They are just the paint swatches from any home improvement store and look how cute they are! 
3. Tassels
I did tassels for my wedding and let me tell you, they are easy but they are the most time consuming thing. However they look so cute and festive! 
4. America Photo Booth
You can never ever go wrong with a photobooth. Here are some fun and free printable props for your booth!
5. Treat Bags
If you aren't the type to go overboard on your decor, this is a simple and fun thing to incorporate the fun stars and stripes we love so much!
6. Wreath
Super easy and way cute! You can keep this for years and use it on your front door every summer.
7. Glittered USA
You can buy it from Etsy or you can DIY, either way it will look adorable on a table at your party!
8. Rolo Fireworks
Another cute but simple little thing you can use to spice up your party! 
9. Patriotic Fans
I think these are so awesome. They look cool, they would be great in multiple areas of a party, they are easy and cheap! 
10. Table Runner
This could be a super fun craft to do with kids as there is stamping involved. Again, low cost and low ability required. Can you see a theme?

Happy decorating!

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