Tuesday, June 17, 2014

W E D D I N G PT 2

So after we took pictures at the Temple, we ran to the Gallivan Center to our luncheon! (After the small mishap called I lost my car keys and we were stranded in the parking lot while I was wearing my huge wedding dress, haha!) I picked Cafe Rio to cater it for a million reasons. It is delicious, easy, cheap, everyone loves it unless you are an idiot, I didn't think I would be able to eat it for the entire summer AND for each 100$ you spend you get a free meal, so we got many many free meals and I am a happy lil nugget. After the luncheon we had a few hours to kill so Mark and his groomsmen went out and played soccer, suits and all! I just lounged around and made sure everything was how I wanted it to be!
You know, so the homeless people don't try and use the bathroom.
Not going to lie, the foyer of my venue was not the prettiest thing. We spiced it up with some large balloons with tassels and some little decorations!

My Dad made this awesome photobooth backdrop. Flower Patch was charging $300 for the exact same thing. We made it under $50! I am renting it out, if anyone is interested!

This is a picture my uncle took but we spent hours on those tassels so I feel like they need some air time.

Ask me if I got to take a single bite of any of this delicious food. I didn't. We were starving after the reception so we went to Wendy's! 

And hereeeeeee are a few pictures of my pretty ring!

Here is the deal with the cake. I have always hated cake. Plus we were already having crepes and other sweets for food. So I didn't really want a huge wedding cake that wouldn't get eaten! My Mom had a total heart attack about it, but I thought it turned out perfectly. Actually though, when I had a bite of cake I went back for more because it was delicious. I hope it will be as yummy on our one year anniversary! 

Because, duh.

Have you guys heard that people go into wedding venues and steal bird cages full of cards? I was appalled and assigned somebody to empty the cage every five minutes. I was so paranoid!

After my friend/bridesmaid Sarah drew this for me as a present, I peer pressured her into opening her own Etsy shop. Now she has a million orders and it's all she does and she probably resents me for it but oh well. Check it out HERE.

This marquee sign was a last minute day before addition to the wedding (as in, the night before) and I am SO happy I did it. It pulled everything together. I am also renting this out if you are interested! 

So for some reason it was insanely hard to cut our cake. I ended up having to hold the cake stand with both hands while Mark cut into it. 

LOLZ for real.

I have a million single girlfriends that needed this bouquet and of course my ten year old niece caught it. And so it goes.

Just for you Hil.

Of course there is a hashtag on our car.  

Well, i'm not sure what to pin or plan now that this huge event is over. Actually, to be honest, I am having a great time planning my 4th of July party. So that's where we are at!
I wanted to sincerely thank EVERYONE who helped put the wedding together. I know I gave my parents multiple heart attacks and gave at least two of my bridesmaids aneurisms. We borrowed so much from people, time or random things like serving dishes, tables, etc. A wedding simply cannot be done without the help of people around you.

A word to anyone getting married- enjoy the planning, it's the fun part. Don't take your wedding day too seriously. I know I did and it really took away from my experience. I was really caught up in the material things of the wedding which is really the worst thing you can do. Not to say I had a bad wedding day, it was great. But you know, there were a few parts like my twenty minute mental breakdown that could have been avoided. When I first got engaged my Bishop told me to really focus on the important part, the marriage. Everything else is just fluff. I really wish I would have taken him more seriously. Being sealed to Mark for eternity is the most special thing I have ever done. It really gives you the eternal perspective and humbles you to the ground.

Again, here is the list of our vendors. I want to give an honorary mention to a few companies. The first is Urbana Custom Clothier. They made Mark a custom suit for an insanely great price. I am just obsessed with how it fit and the whole process. I would highly, highly recommend this company. I would also recommend going the suit route for a wedding. Mark is able to keep his new suit for life and he wears it to church every week. 
Another vendor that I loved was A Day to Remember Events. They did our crepe stand and it was amazing. The crepes tasted great, came with literally every topping, it was easy on my wallet, and the lady did EVERYTHING. She was the nicest and most hardworking lady. We had a conversation at the end of my wedding that made me cry. She said the nicest things about me and our wedding. I have never been complimented so sincerely. I would completely and utterly recommend this company. She is so great and she has all kinds of great rentals, go check her out.
My third and final honorary mention is the guy who made Mark's ring. I found him on Etsy and he hand-makes all his rings, guaranteeing them for life. Mark's ring came in the mail and it was too small. Somehow, this guy was able to size an unsizeable ring and it is perfect. Mark literally gets so many compliments on it, I think it looks so cool.
Florals: Draper Flower Pros
Dress: Petals & Promises
Mark's Custom Suit: Urbana Custom Clotheir
Hair & Makeup: Ashley Iverson
Photographer (wedding & engagements): Valory Jean Photography
Catering for Luncheon: CAFE RIO :):):)
Bridals Photographer: Codi Critchfield
Shoes: Old Navy, ha!
Venue: Upstairs at the Gallivan
Cake: Granite Bakery
Gold Sequin Table Runners: Designer Shindigs
Event Rentals: Diamond Rental
Photo Background- DIY :) 
Cake Topper: Pink Poppy Party Shoppe
Cake Stand: A Fabulous Fete
Love Marquee Sign: DIY
Crepe Stand: A Day to Remember Events
Mark/Groomsmen Ties: Solid Color Neckties
Gold Straws: Party Garden
Marks Ring: 2nd Street Ring Craft
Invitations: Twelve30 Creative
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