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10 Things You Need to Know About Maryland

So we have been living in Maryland for about two months now! I feel like we pretty much have a handle on our area but there is always new things to explore. Maryland is one of those states that isn't super talked about, ya know? Almost like the best thing it has to offer is its proximity to D.C, which might be true but there are also a few sweet things here! I have collected ten things that I feel that I would have wanted to know before moving out here.
1. Old Bay
If I had to sum Maryland up in a few words, I would say "Old Bay"
I heard about this magical thing when I was at a job interview. The lady said "It's a's made for seafood but we put it on everything." When they say they put it on everything, they put it on E V E R Y T H I NG, even ice cream. I was a little skeptical only because I am not a huge seafood person. The first thing I put it on was pizza and WOAH! I loved it. Mark puts it on everything now. Popcorn, grilled cheese, chicken, french fries, chips, burgers, literally everything.

I now call Mark "Old Bae" because I am basically hilarious. Anyway, we're stocking up before we leave. 

Apparently they sell Old Bay in Utah but NO ONE USES IT and I want to know why.

2. Driving here is a little frustrating. Traffic is terrible at pretty much all hours of the day but the most frustrating thing is MERGING! Merging onto the freeways. There is no merge lane. There is a yield sign on the ramp and BOOM! It's another lane. You literally have to go 0 to 60 in like two seconds. Actually, not 0 to 60, 0 to 55. Yup! The speed limit on the freeway is 55. It's super frustrating and I always forget. Another weird thing about driving, there are a million different freeways. In Utah there are two main freeways. In Maryland there are like 4,000. It's really strange! 
3. It is a mini London out here. It rains like three or four days out of the week. It doesn't just rain here, it epically pours. They also have really terrible drainage on the roads so you just have to drive through ginormous puddles! It's terrifying and also fun. Here is a picture of me driving home after it had rained for only like twenty minutes.
I was outside for seriously thirty seconds and I was DRENCHED!

4. Another driving fact, blinkers are a touchy subject out here. There are two extremes. Many people don't even bother with a blinker at all. 

So there's that. And then sometimes people put on their blinker SO FAR IN ADVANCE you are literally begging them to turn. I am talking like up to a mile in advance. It's CRAZY!

5. In Utah, Walmart is big. Walmart is where a majority of people get their groceries if not at Winco or Costco or Sam's Club. It's just one of the main grocery stores! Out here, that is absolutely not the case. Walmarts here are very strange. They are like a department store and then almost as an afterthought, they put in a few aisles of food. Most of the Walmarts don't even have a produce or meat section. Even the lunchmeat and cheese is haphazardly thrown into a very small freezer in one of the aisles. The Walmart by our house is a little bigger than most of the Walmarts in the area so  I am able to get our shopping done there. Everyone out here just shops elsewhere, even if it's more expensive. You don't shop for groceries at Walmart, you don't shop for anything at Walmart!
6. Amish Market
File this under "One of the few things we will miss about this place" is the Amish Market. More politically correct, it's called the Dutch Country Farmers Market. It is this huge market that is ran by the local amish people. They are legit. I had to explain to my nanny kids why they "dressed so funny." So yeah, they are the real deal. They sell the most amazing food! You walk in to the market and the first thing you see is a huge bakery. This bakery has the best donuts known to man. I'm not even kidding. Johnny O's doesn't hold a candle to their blueberry fritter. 
They have the best cheese, pickles, meat, produce, candy, everything! You can buy a meal there for $5.00. The meal is HALF OF A WHOLE CHICKEN, two potatoes sides and a drink. It's delicious!
They are only open three days a week so when you go, it's PACKED. Like people parking across the highway and walking over packed. You know it's delicious when you can't even get into the parking lot.
7. BUCKET HATS! You guys, they are coming back! I have seen so many people out here rocking the bucket hats! I don't understand it, but it's happening.

9. McDonalds. *Insert OK Sign Emoji Here*
There is a new McDonalds app that they are testing here and basically, we get free stuff ALL THE TIME. The app either gives you straight up free things, or insanely cheap things or just really sweet deals. It's pretty awesome, fingers crossed they have it in Utah when we get back. 
10. Humidity
Ok, so the humidity is way worse than what anyone prepared me for. However, there is something about humidity I really dig. Everyone is sweaty, and no one judges anyone for being sweaty. Like, everyone is just sweaty together. I feel like it's crazy that people judge sweaty people in the summer. It's hot! People sweat! Chill out! 
  I was going to add a #11, that everyone is super diverse here, but I feel like I just think that because I have lived in Utah my entire life.
 I feel like this list could probably be ongoing. Like yesterday the ten year old kid I nanny wanted to go swim in the deep end at the pool and he had to take a "deep water test" which everyone under 14 has to take! They have to swim two lengths of the large pool and then tread water for a few minutes. I am not sure I could even do that! 
Anyway, that was my list of things I feel like people should whether relevant or not! It's been a really cool experience, I saw a lightening bug for the first time, I am a minority for the first time, I am experiencing humidity so bad all the windows are coated with condensation, all really cool things. 
I'm off to try and survive the rest of this week. I am having eye issues so I am needing to wear my glasses which are from like four eye prescriptions ago so it's been quite an interesting week, I ran into a wall yesterday...

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