Wednesday, July 16, 2014

an ode to @karlhot

Well guyz, my BFF comes home from her mission today! I definitely never thought I would be closer to her while she was on her mission than when she came home. I am so bummed I won't be at the airport to say "haiiii" 
When Karly first left, I had big plans for when she got home. I knew she was probably going to miss my wedding and so I wanted to throw her a big welcome home party. What I didn't know was I was going to be in Maryland and would be unable to throw her the big Canada-fest Karly-palooza I had planned. 
I wanted to show the world my inspiration for her party, that way it feels like I almost threw it in real life!

Of course, it isn't some version of an LDS party without tissue paper pom pom balls.

Either one of these garlands would be ~*ToteS aDborbs!~*

Obviously, red and white are the common theme. Go Canada.

Red and white cupcakes with missionary tags as the toppers!

You might have to use your imagination here a bit, but imagine this lettering but it says "EH"
Yeah, that would be on a door somewhere.

Just kidding, I think "Welcome Home Sister Prescott" in red across the garage door is a little more appropriate. 

And of course, a riveting game of pin the missionary tag on the giant cardboard Karl. 

I met Karly by total fate when she was randomly my roommate in Snow Hall my freshman year at Utah State. It wasn't love at first site but apparently I am the only one who emails her every week besides her Mom so I would say we are pretty tight now. 
Our first picture together... straight across bangs Riley is one I won't forget.

She ironically loves Lil Wayne as much as I do.

The only time I felt like I pulled my weight in the friend category while she was gone.

And look! She managed to help Mark and I celebrate our special day even from another country. 

She wore a navy bridesmaids dress! It was almost like she was there!

Well this post is pretty much all over the place but the main thing is I have my #1 fan back and I am 100% totes happy about that!

Side note- Hey Karl, Sorry I tagged you in a million instagram giveaways while you were gone. I never won anything so...

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