Thursday, July 31, 2014


Last week or so my Momma Collette and Aunt Kimmy came to visit me from Utah! We were able to do most of the tourist-y stuff that I haven't done in Baltimore. Though mostly we just ate and shopped. 

This was on the same street that the hotel was on. It was an Irish Pub! Dubliners, anyone? English majors unite!

The view from the hotel room!

We went to breakfast and I got biscuits and came with bbq pulled pork....very interesting...

Okay you guys, i'm not flipping off my readers. We were waiting for our table at brunch when I saw my reflection in the window. There was something in my hair. I thought it was just a leaf so I just picked it off and brought it down to eye level to check it out when all the sudden, almost in slow motion, I realized it was a huge BEE the second it stung me! I haven't been stung by a bee in almost 18 years so I was shocked. It hurt WAY more than I remember! My Mom ran into the restaurant and they brought me this out this HUGE bag of ice for just my lil birdie finger. It was hilarious and sad. Stupid bee! I guess it was my fault for wearing a headband with flowers...

So there happened to be an Arts Fest going on and so we decided to check it out. We literally had to fight our way onto the Charm City Circulator, Baltimore's free bus, it was ridiculous. However, the festival was really cool! My favorite part was this lounge area where they had all this furniture made out of car parts. This was the back to one of the chairs. It was pretty sweet! I helped a thirteen year old girl take a hipster Instagram in the reflection of these mirrors. So i'm probably gonna be the best high school teacher...just sayin...
My Mom pointed out that everyone was really happy and smiley at the festival. No one looked unhappy! Except maybe me of course. When I get hot and tired there is no turning back.

That night we decided to go have dinner in Annapolis. They had this cute little free trolley that you could ride all over the town. 

They had lots of little boutiques. I found this and needed to share it with my many relatives.

We ate at this way cute and super local restaurant called Subway for dinner. Like a real hole in the wall place, you know the type. I really was on my period this entire trip craving ice cream so we wanted to save room. I definitely overestimated the amount of waffle cone that would fit in my mouth. C'Est La Vie. But really, I wish I would have gotten a picture of this ice cream place. They had sharpies on all the tables and when you were done eating you were supposed to draw on your spoon and leave it at the restaurant. They had one wall just covered in spoons people have drawn on over the years! It was pretty sweet. The ice cream wasn't bad either but it didn't hold a candle to Aggie Ice Cream.

My Mom bought me this for my classroom. Students will never forget a pencil again!

On Sunday, we went to Fort McHenry. I learned a lot about the War of 1812 and Francis Scott Key. Maybe if i'm lucky, the entire history praxis will be on those two subjects. 
Also, excuse me looking like a total gumby. My eyes were really acting up this entire trip and I was  basically a blimp this entire weekend.

Mark and I look pretty happy for almost puking our guts out on this boat just moments earlier. 

We did a boat tour of McHenry which was actually really cool. We got Francis Scott Key's perspective of when he wrote the National Anthem and what he was actually seeing. I thought it was the neatest thing I had done in a while. 

Ahhh Maryland I actually might miss you when we leave.

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  1. ahhh so fun so fun. i want to go to baltimore! also, i feel you when it's hot... i literally can't handle it either lol.
    the little diary