Monday, July 21, 2014

Blogger Pen Pal!

So a little over a month ago I came up with an idea for a blogger pen pal project! I realized I had an awesome network of blogger friends and even though I have never met most of them in real life, I love them being apart of my life! So I wanted to celebrate that and simultaneously I wanted to connect with more bloggers in a better way. So I came up with this project, like pen pals but with small packages! 
I recruited a bunch of bloggers and they are all seriously awesome. Let's roll call! 

My pal was Julie from Homegrown State of Mind.
I had so much fun collecting all the stuff to go into my package!

So, in my pen pal package was two little journals because I love to write/read! 
I thought these little personalized journals were so cute. 

 As you probably know, I LOVE the 4th of July! I found this super cute bow and of course I had to get one for myself.  

We all know my obsession with Mood Magic lipstick! I had to spread the love!

And last, but not least, lip pencils! In honor of my huge lips, my identifier! Haha!

I also threw in the gold glitter because I am obsessed with everything gold. 

Thanks to all the awesome bloggers that participated!

 If you are a blogger who is interested in participating in another round of this sometime in October, please contact me.

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  1. This is so cool! You chose such cute things to send your pal. I'd love to participate in something like this next time, I'll be keeping an eye out :)

  2. So cute! Yours is on the way! I forgot to take pictures and it's nowhere near as cute as what you put together... Don't judge me :)

    1. Haha whatever! I am excited to get yours! I have been checking my mail hoping it will come. Can't waittt

  3. I'm totally in again next time. And I didn't take pictures of mine (received or sent!) So, oops. Next time! And cutest package! Julie sure is lucky! :)

  4. I would love to participate. I want to start collecting now!!!