Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July in D.C!

This was probably the best Fourth of July I have ever had! I was trying to think of one that would top it and I just couldn't. It was just such a cool experience, a once in a lifetime one. There were literally soooo many people it was almost a little freaky! After the fireworks ended (which were amazing by the way, they totally coordinated with the song playing!) everyone just mass exited and there were helicopters with huge lights flying over everyone to make sure everyone was safe. The metro was just like PACKED, person to person, and everyone stunk. Some guy called me arrogant because I was dropping flower petals on the ground from my crown. Ha, ok dude! 

I feel like this is the first project I have ever been successful at? Let me back up. A few days before the 4th I saw these tie dye looking fresh flowers at Walmart. I thought they were kind of cool but we already had flowers on our table and so we just didn't need em! Then when I was realizing my outfit for the 4th wasn't very cute I had the thought come to my mind to make a fresh flower crown from those Walmart flowers! So I made the crown early in the morning on the 4th and refrigerated it until it was time to leave. It lasted most of the day until we got on the metro, then it started to die presumably from the smell of everyone...

I got a lot of weird looks but a lot of compliments as well! I will take that as a win!

Mark had to work most of the day but we were able to meet up for dinner and fireworks. We get so little time together that I was on cloud nine the entire night. Sorry for bein cheesy, i'm just tellin the truth.
Here is a little video I threw together about the fourth. Sorry for the shakiness! There were so many people I think I was just extra shaky this day, but I wanted to document it nonetheless.
Also Mark wants me to tell the world that he looks grumpy only because the sun was in his eyes. I can attest to this.
Also, the song is Another Sunny Day by Belle and Sebastian. 

I hope everyone had a good fourth! Next year I am going all out and planning the party of my dreams. Amen.

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  1. cutest flower crown! do you just take the metro from your house to d.c.? lucky dog!
    the little diary

    1. Yes! Well we have to drive a few minutes to the metro stop, but beyond that the metro gets us right in to d.c! I am going to miss what a cool thing that is for sure! Once in a lifetime experience. Thank you!

  2. I'm glad you had such a wonderful 4th of July! That's wonderful! Being in D.C. for it must be amazing! Love the flower crown!!

    1. Thank you! It was pretty awesome, I must say. Flower crowns just send out happy/hippy? vibes! :)

  3. Such a cute crown and love that you found red and blue tie dyed flowers to create it. Such an awesome idea and looks like a beautiful night :)

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  4. okay nothing beats the 4th in DC! love!!!