Friday, July 11, 2014

the lob. aka long bob.

One of my friends recently posted that she got a "lob" and being the sorority girl I am, I thought it was an abbreviation for lobster and I was like ...weird, but ok. I feel you, girl.
No guys, let me introduce you to the lob world. 

I am not sure when a slightly grown out bob turned into a trendy word but here we are and I am think about getting one on Saturday. The myth of the kool-aid hair dye is that it comes out in two weeks. I think two eternities would be more realistic, cause no matter how much I drip drip drip drip strawberry kool-aid in the shower, things aren't getting any lighter around here.
Hence, the lob.
Here is the attempt of me trying to see what a lob would look like on me at the pool today:
ignore the muppet face, I am suffering through a week of glasses and no makeup for the sake of my eye ulcers that keep trying to find a permanent home in my cornea. 

Anyway, I still don't know what I am doing.
I wish getting a haircut wasn't this huge life event. If I could get a guarantee that my hair would grow back in six months or that I could still do the hairstyles I love, I would not have any hesitation. THE UNKNOWN! It kills me.

I feel like in order to truly understand my hesitation, everyone realllllly needs to understand the last time my hair was this short:

In case you don't understand what you are seeing here, let me elaborate. Sponge curlers overnighted, natural hair color, no waxed eyebrows, whatever those random hairs at the top of my forehead are called and myspace profile picture for at least a month.

I have so many questions I literally don't even know where to start, so I won't. I just wanted to make note of the D.C skate shoe in the background.
So there are all my cards laid out on the table. I am trying to tell myself I have better taste now so even if the lob turns out to be a horrid disaster I can still figure out how to not use sponge curlers or a straightener and make the best out of a mistake. Then I look at the picture below and I am like "HOW COULD A LOB NOT BE A GOOD IDEA?!"
Isn't she gorgeous?

Wurk that lob, girl.

So this was just a really long and pointless post about my haircut insecurities. Stay tuned for Saturday. 

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  1. LOB. hahahahah best. i know how you feel tho. new year's eve of 2011 i spontaneously decided to have my sister cut my hair to my chin and it was the worst decision. i looked like a mom ya know. and now... like three years later it's finally getting to where i want it to be! lobs prob couldn't be too bad tho. like even if you didn't like it, i feel like it couldn't do too much damage? who knows tho. haircuts are so deceiving. they're like little assassins.

    the little diary

  2. Oh now I know what I have on my head right now! hahah I cut my long hair off a month ago and I've really enjoyed having a lob since then hahahah