Monday, July 14, 2014

the weekend and other happenings

This weekend went way too fast. I say that about every weekend but this weekend I really, totally mean it. 

Friday night didn't happen like usual around these parts. Friday night usually feels like any other week night because Mark works on Saturday mornings. However, the Bells, who I grew up with and they witnessed all the different stages of awkwardness in my life, were in town and they took me to a nice little din din in a nearby town. I have been to this town many, many times but had never been to this particular section and it was so adorable. There was a little lake surrounding the restaurant and you could go on little swan paddle boats. There was also a concert about to start which they do every Saturday. Mark and I are definitely going back for a little date night!
PS I got really concerned that I wear this shirt in almost every blog post but I feel like people need to understand I only brought like seven shirts to Maryland. Mark will attest that is false, it's more like 15 but still, not my full closet. I don't know what to do with myself. Anyway, moving on.

Saturday, Mark and I were able to go do a session at the Washington D.C temple. It was my first time doing one since my endowment and so I loved it even more! Afterwards we realized we were super close to a Cafe Rio and so obviously, that happened. 

Our Temple selfie was a major fail but we were starving and just trying to get to Cafe Rio ASAP.

Yesterday we went to church and then later on we made our way to D.C to go to the Neon Trees concert! It was an awesome (six hour long) show. They shot their Text Me in the Morning music video so they played it over and over again. Confetti was everywhere since they shot a ton of it out each time they played the song. We also got free sunglasses because they wanted everyone to wear them for the music video. So, stay tuned for our star debut!
Concerts usually are NOT my thing. Which is weird because I was going to a concert almost every week in high school. Now, I am a grandma. My back gets sore and I hate standing and dealing with preteens who are the most obnoxious at concerts. It just isn't worth it to me anymore. I am glad Mark convinced me to go because I had so much fun and even though we got home really late, i'm currently not dying at work right now so woo hoo! (Don't ask me around 2:00, I'm sure I will be wishing death upon myself) 
Two awkward selfies in one blog post! Woo!
Also we were able to get seats at the bar which made the concert experience 100% better. However, instead of dealing with annoying preteens we got to deal with annoying drunk adults. Not sure which is worse.

Anyway, this weekend should be interesting. My Mom and Aunt Kimmy are coming to visit us! I also only have to make it through two more weeks of work before I am done for a few weeks while my nanny family goes on vacation. Then I only have one more week of work before we go home! I'm so excited to get back to normal hours, normal life. 

Also, I chickened out on the LOB. If I am going to have kool-aid hair, the place to have it is Maryland. I will cut it when I have a hair dresser I know and trust to chop everything off.

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  1. So fun you live that close to D.C.! That little lake town looks like the cutest ever. Also, I'm so jealous of your hair. I love love colored hair but I have to bleach mine before I dye it, and that totally fries it haha. But, yours is literally the cutest ever and looks pretty healthy!
    the little diary

  2. Your clothes. Can I have all of them?