Thursday, July 3, 2014 were good to me.

Utah was a much needed sanity restoring visit. Coming back to MD wasn't so bad because I was like "nothin is changing in Utah, we aren't missing out on anything huge" so I have accepted this Maryland journey finally. In fact, I walked out to work yesterday morning at almost 8:00 AM and it was like 80% humidity and I actually had the thought, "This is kind of cool, I will never experience this again." So ya know, that's my mindset right now. 
What did I do in Utah...
/but really

-Mostly I just sat with all the wedding presents we got and were not able to take with us. I was like "We have a crepe maker...and that's awesome....look at this deluxe can opener! What the!" 
But really, that's what I did for a good majority of the weekend. 

-I bought a lot of furniture for Mark and I. I woke up early to get the best KSL deals and waited at the front doors at the DI so I could run in exactly when they opened. So yeah, I know what it's like to be a hoarder now.
But really, I have about three or four solid projects that I can't wait to start when I get home!

-I looked for a place to live for Mark and I. I found one I am totally and completely in love with but we are still trying to figure out if it's right for us because it's a little different than what we were originally looking for.
To find the perfect apartment, I hunted for two days and it was miserable. I've never understood the need for real-estate agents more...
But really, I fell in love with Provo and can't wait to move there

-Surprisingly I only ate Cafe Rio once.
But really, Cafe Rio is way better in Utah.

-I dyed my hair red with Kool-Aid on an impulse for The Alison Show's Flamingo Fest....slightly regretted it the next morning but it's already fading so I think I'm feeling better about that decision? I will get back with you.

I was feeling preettttty good about it and then literally a pre-teen had the exact same hair as me at Cafe Rio and I was like .....ok. 
But really, I should have known when the tutorial videos were all done by girls 12-14 years old.

-Speaking of pre-teens, I went and visited the Jr. High I will be student teaching at in the Fall...
But really, had a semi panic attack because I don't remember how to teach anymore...

-Tried desperately to remain on East Coast time. Failed. 
But really, I was exhausted at work yesterday and my nanny kids let me sleep while they played video games. Today I have off and I slept in and then took a two hour nap. Mark tried to wake me up many times to no avail. Strange for me, people! 

-Cuddled with my puppies a lot.

But really, enjoyed the cable that Mark and I don't invest in and probably never will and my dogs just sort of wandered in. I turned on the TV and it was the Grey's Anatomy shooting episode, hello!!!!!!!!

-Spent time with my whole family at my Grandpa's funeral.
This was the first funeral I have ever been to that really mattered or that I remembered. Is it weird to say I enjoyed it? My Grandpa was in such pain before he left this world and I could really feel that he was healthy and happy in heaven. I have never really felt that close to the Atonement and God's plan. It was a beautiful two days for me. Though at times I was sad because I felt that at the funeral I was learning more about his life than I had ever known before. Why did it take a funeral to know these hilarious stories and great accomplishments about my Grandpa? I am both sad about this and thankful. I hope to get to know everyone in my life a little bit more and on a little bit deeper of a level.

Someone at the funeral told me that their Grandpa had lived in another state for most of her life and he missed a lot of things because of the distance. When he passed away she realized that now he could be anywhere at anytime that she wanted him to be and he was healthy and happy doing it. Isn't that amazing? Maybe it's because I am living in Maryland and so far away from everyone but it definitely struck a cord with me. 

My Dad was out for the count this week. He went in for a hernia surgery the day my Grandpa passed away and it was weird seeing how much my Dad does daily and how it kind of all fell apart as he was recovering. So anyway, extra thankful for him last week. Extra thankful for my Mom for picking up the slack, especially when she asked me to do something and I went and took a nap. Ha, i'm the worst.

But really, I didn't pack any black clothes...duh on my part.

-I also ate an entire pan of funeral potatoes at my Grandpa's funeral. If you were wondering.
But really, I peer pressured the Relief Society ladies to let me take home a whole pan.

That's pretty much it, guys! It was great and I love Utah more than ever but I am back in Maryland ready to embrace the good, bad and the humidity. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I am freaking out excited to spend it in the most patriotic place in the country! I now need to get my outfit together somehow. 
Happy 4th!

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