Thursday, August 14, 2014

a tale of yesterday

I feel like I need to chat about my day yesterday. We're all friends here, right? Ok, good. Here we go.
So to start out with, it was my first day of "normal hours" aka ten hours a day at work. I get to work and the eight year old I nanny basically decides that it was a pretty good day to be satanic. Literally. However, I didn't find this out until we had left the house for the day. We had to go shopping for uniforms for their private school which, let's talk about that for a second. This uniform store is apparently the only one in the whole state of Maryland and was clear in College Park which is quite a ways from where we were.  I walked in the store and it was seriously some Gossip Girl stuff. Like plaid EVERYWHERE. Jumpers EVERYWHERE. It was crazy! I learned that 81% of kids in MD go to a private school, that is just nuts to me. This uniform store was absolutely blowing my mind. Especially when I went to check out. $400.00 for three sets of uniforms for each boy. That is literally disgusting to me...but I guess if I am a NANNY going to a store to get uniforms for the kids PRIVATE school, people can probably afford uniforms. Anyway, the Uniform Store was a total nightmare with the eight year old. At one point I locked him in his dressing room just so I could give myself some headspace. 

So the day pretty much went like that. It was just a rough day with kids who wouldn't listen. I was beat after work, just totally obliterated. I went home and decided to check KSL to see if any new houses had popped up in Orem/Provo. I didn't see much. I decided to look at the listings in Lehi which is usually always pointless because in the two months I have been looking for housing, there has never been anything close to the middle school I am teaching at. With only one car, we either need to be close to the middle school I will be at or UVU for Mark. Anyway, I found a picture of a "cottage" in our price range but it had no pictures of the inside which is pretty much always a bad sign. However I thought I would look at the address and map it to the middle school anyway. YOU GUYS, this house is literally right around the corner from the middle school!! However, I still didn't want to get my hopes up because there were no pictures of the inside, so I sent my Mom to look at the house. PEOPLE, It was gorgeous on the inside. Everything was pretty much brand new. 
In a matter of hours, we were signed, sealed and delivered! 

As I was trying to get this housing thing figured out, hopping on and off the phone with our new landlady, my Mom and Mark, I was also playing the game "Why Does Our Fridge Smell Like That?" I opened a drawer of the fridge we don't use and there was a tupperware sitting there. DUN DUN DUNNNNN. 
It was like a scene from a horror movie because I knew exactly what was in that tupperware and exactly how long it had been there. I opened the tupperware of black beans and saw the mold and immediately, gagging ensued. I, stupidly, dumped the crap down the disposal instead of the garbage. THE SMELL GOT WORSE! I grabbed the dish soap to try and drown out the smell and we were OUT of dish soap. My survival instincts kicked in and I grabbed a rag and tied it around my face and ran into the bathroom and got bleach, my body wash and my lotion for good measure. I made a little cocktail of all of that and dumped it down the drain. I realized there was no hope for the tupperware and practically catapulted it into the garbage bin outside. I was still gagging, so I threw open all the doors and windows in our house while dancing around like a little spaz with my body spray. I tried calling 911 Mark to tell him I was lighting a match to our house. It was better this way. Luckily he got home and intervened and we just left while the house aired out. When we got back he claimed he smelled nothing but I still could smell it PTSD maybe.

To recap this post....I have one more day of nannying and I am beyond ready to be done. 

We have a house! A perfect house! However the one un-perfect thing is that it has carpet in the kitchen, any suggestions on where I can get a mat or something to put over the carpet? Also, I do not fundamentally understand why someone would carpet a kitchen.

I was totally traumatized by a tupperware full of black beans.

Here are some pictures of the Orioles game we went to last Saturday to take you out. 
This picture is so funny to me. Looks like Mark is the third wheel..

We took the lightrail which is basically trax to get to the game and it was kind of a huge mistake. First of all, the closest station to us was like twenty minutes away which was as far as Baltimore. The train took forever getting there and then we got on the wrong train going home! We were all super hangry by the time we got on the right train and got to the station. And by "we" I mean me. 

We were three rows up from the field!

Ok, off to finish my week out.

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  1. I HATE GROSS FRIDGE THINGS. Between you and me, I have no limits to throwing things away. Like, if there is a plate with old food on it, I throw the entire thing away including the plate. Same thing with rags, when I get done wiping down the counter, I throw the entire rag away (which has made me just switch to paper towels) but I FEEL YA GIRL. SICKEST.
    As far as having carpet in your kitchen... that is seriously so strange. BUT. You could rip it out and put down flooring? Or IKEA has some cheap rugs. You should see if your landlord can cover the costs, cause that's the weirdest thing.
    the little diary