Friday, August 15, 2014

do I come on a little too strong for ya?

Hi guys. I have been feeling a little rambly right now I am sitting on my couch, looking at how shambly my apartment is, wondering how we are going to fit it all in my car and sad about the fact that I just ate two pieces of garlic bread for dinner because we don't want to go grocery shopping for like two days worth of food. Not even that. Like a day. 
Then I started stalking this girls twitter, cause...I dunno, it happened. It lead me to think about something so I kind of want to talk about my thoughts right now, so here I am.

Ok, first, let me show you a picture of my bridesmaids. 

Alright, I would like to recap here. Three of these eight women I have known my entire life. One since birth, one since preschool and one since I was nine which is basically my whole life, ya know. Two of these girls are my "littles" from my sorority and I don't really know a nicer way to say this other than I basically forced them to be my friends and somehow convinced them to like me. One of these girls is Mark's sister so, you know. One of these girls I hated from the first moment I met her and then somehow we stumbled onto a friendship. The last girl was the only person I feel like I had to truly like go through the friendship process with.

Ok, back to my point. All of my close friends are either from my sorority which ya know, we paid for each other so we are just trying to get our money's worth OR I have known them my entire life. Ok so I am just sitting here, stalking this girl's twitter and here is the dialogue in my head:
  • Wow man, I want to be best friends with her but how do I go about that? 
  • Do I just like say... "Can we be best friends?!" Ugh, but I hate girls that say that. 
  • Ok, maybe I will just like meet her in a group setting somehow and suggest we hang out later in another group setting. 
  • But then how do you transition from group setting friends to individual BFFS? 
  • I already follow her on like every social media. What more do you want from me, girl!?
  • I'm starting to sound lesbian. I just want some friends, k!
  • That friend tinder (Finder, TM) is starting to sound like a really good idea right now.
  • Oh crap, I just remembered how awkward I am.
Honestly, I think finding a solid friend is way harder than dating. I never was any good at dating so I wouldn't really know, but I assume it's harder. Girls tend to want to stick in their friend group. They will be acquaintances with other girls but I feel like no one is going out of their way to find their new BFF. 
I also feel like I am one of those "acquired taste" people? Like my humor is really strange, I am sarcastic all the time, and mostly I feel like I have no filter until I start feeling more comfortable around someone. That seems backwards but alas, it's true. 

For example, I have been in college for almost six years after this next semester and I only started making friends with the people in my program a year ago. A YEAR AGO! That is so pathetic and now that I know how awesome they are it makes me sad I didn't open up sooner.

Aaaaannnnnywaaaaays my point is I am not a loser, not in super dire need of friends, but I wouldn't hate some fresh blood in my life, ya know?
Ok, that was probably the creepiest thing I have ever said. I'm done. Have a good night people!

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  1. "wouldn't hate some fresh blood in my life" HAHAHAHAHAH LITERALLY LOL. who's twitter??? because if you are thinking mine, just know that i don't have any friends so i will be your friend. sometimes i think about going grocery shopping with you and feel like that would be enjoyable. don't ask why, i just think it would be fun. anywaysssssssss
    if you want a friend! i live in af! so we're close!! call me beep me if ya wanna reach me ya know.
    the little diary

    1. I AM CRYING OF LAUGHTER. I literally woke my husband up because I was cackling because OMG IT WAS ABOUT YOU. I am embarrassed but also happy that you picture us grocery shopping together.

    2. HAHAHAHA!!!! Ok well really, let's be real life friends!!! Let me know when you get here and we can do something!

    3. Also you should know you will probably never see me in a group setting because I only hang out with Jake and my dog, haha. But I have a list of soooo many places I want to go to! So contact me when you get here!! YAY FRIENDS

    4. HAHA omg this morning I woke up and I was like "I am such a freak." But this is great!

    5. No you're not! I literally stalk so many people on social networks. But this is a conversation for a different time...

  2. This isn't about me because my twitter is way boring. But I think the same thing about making friends and I would be your friend. Too bad you are living sooooooo far away!!!

    1. I knooooooooowwwww I wish we would have made this connection when I was living in Logan for a bazillion years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm sooooo there right with you. also I totally suck at interacting with other female humans because I've been going to school and working with LITERALLY ONLY DUDES for years and years. in public situations, I'm used to selectively filtering my spoken thoughts down to, basically: 1) video games, 2) computers, 3) Breaking Bad. so when I go sit down in relief society I freak out a lil bit. "OMG that girl is wearing such cute shoes! I want them! But how do I, like, say that, without being awkward..." and then I sit there thinking really hard until my brain explodes and I end up not saying anything. basically it's an uncomfortable situation. I need gurl frans.

    1. Ok this proves the other point that I wanted to write in here but I forgot....I feel like every girl wants to have more friends yet we are also kind of just content with staying in our lil box because I am the exact same way! Let's be friends!