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Dorm Essentials with Kleenex and Walmart

Thanks to Kleenex and Walmart for sponsoring this post as well as Linqia. All opinions are my own, of course. 

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Ahhhh college. I came to you when I was seventeen and here I am facing my 23rd birthday and ope, i'm still not rid of you. Around March/April I despise your existence but come August I welcome you back with open arms. 
My first year of college I lived in a classic dorm. It was a bit newer than other dorms but it was still a dorm nonetheless. Here is a glimpse into what 17 year old Riley put together...

There are literally so many aspects of this room I could talk about. First of all, clearly when I commit to a color scheme, I really commit. Secondly, I am clearly the consumer that every store thinks of when putting together their dorm essentials list. I have everything under the sun and pretty sure I didn't even use most of it. Third of all, let's just ignore the Winnie the Pooh Bear on the bed and the band poster on the ceiling.

My sophomore year, I didn't do much better..
It basically looks like a living Gen-X store.

When Walmart and Kleenex asked me to compile a list of dorm essentials, I was ready. Not only did I live in a dorm room but I also lived in a sorority house for two years and then various student apartments during the summers, ending on a nice townhouse for the last two years. (If you are wondering how long I have been in college, just stop counting. My parents have. It's better this way.) I have moved billions of times and I have noticed what so called "essentials" get used and what doesn't. Here is the list of things I came up with! All of these items can be found HERE.

1. Baroque Style Mirror
I learned that the lack of mirrors is a large problem pretty much straight out of the gate and then I was harshly reminded when I moved into a sorority house, especially when there was a themed party that night. And there were themed parties every single night. It's nice to have a mirror in your room that is just yours and you can always rely on it to get ready instead of having to fight Maury- style for some mirror action.
2. Candle Warmer
I was pretty fortunate to have really positive roommate experiences except one. Without getting too specific, homegurl stunk. Her clothes stunk, her bed stunk, she stunk. It was just a stank rank hot mess. Pretty much whatever apartment you live in while at college, candles are a big no-no. Landlords are a lot happier with candle warmers and I think they are a much better option than candles because they are way cute. 
3. Ceramic Dinner Plates
My freshman year I used the stereotypical plastic plates as well as plastic silveware, cups, everything. It wasn't until I moved into AXO that I realized how nice it is to have real plates! It makes college seem a lot homier and it makes you feel like you have your life together. What is more pathetic, eating mac and cheese with a plastic spork or on a classy plate?
4. Five Subject Notebook
I experimented a lot with what would work best in college as far as keeping track of notes and other papers. I didn't have an iPad until my senior year of college, so for years I swore by this five subject notebook. In each page divider it has a little folder for keeping all your papers. It is like a one stop shop! 
5. Bed Bug Protector 
Ohhhhhhhhh where do I begin? I am fortunate enough to have never experienced the horrors of bed bugs first hand but believe you me, the horror stories I have heard could go into Goosebump books. Even if you think your apartment is super nice, it never hurts to throw a bed bug protector over the top. They are cheap and will save you a lot of potential heartache. 
6. Classy Duvet Cover
A cute bedspread is the quintessential markers of a college dorm room. That's all fine and good, but I am stepping up on my soap box to tell you to USE CAUTION. Don't be that girl who buys the bedspread that looks like a sweet sixteen party just exploded all over the room. You are a college woman, don't stick with your high school ways. I clearly made that mistake my first couple years of college but then eventually got it right. I love this duvet cover from Walmart. It's classy and reversible! 
7. Whimsical Lamp
I am a big believer in a personality piece in a room. College is a fun time and though you want to keep some pieces classy like your duvet cover, you want to have one piece that says "I'm here to party."
8. Bean-Bag Chair
I had a little chair in my room my freshman year and it was so awesome to have. My main use for my chair was to throw clothes on but it was also great because my roommates would come sit and talk with me or I would sit and facebook do homework on the chair. When doing homework in your room I always think it's essential not to sit on your bed. Your bed sucks the life out of you and when doing homework, it's not a positive thing.
9. Chapstick
If your freshman year was anything like mine was, you are going to need some chapstick.
Another lesson I learned quickly, you get sick a lot more often in college. You are living with a lot of people and hopefully interacting with a lot of people. However I have never felt the wrath of sickness as fierce as I did when I lived at AXO. If one girl got sick, it didn't matter if she lived in the basement and I lived upstairs, I was sick. I used to think these Emergen-C things were a hoax, but whenever I felt an inkling of a sore throat I drank one and I managed to survive.
But let's get to the point, no matter how hard you try, you are going to get sick in college. Especially if you go to college in a frozen tundra like I do. Luckily, Kleenex has designed these really cute Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissues that will fit right into any classy dorm. I feel like tissues are just one of those things that shows you have your life together. For a long time I kept a little mini kleenex box in my purse and I just felt like I really knew what was up when I sneezed in public and I grabbed a tissue out of my purse. Now, with these awesome designs, you don't have to look like a teacher. You KNOW what I mean. 
Look at all the cute colors they have in the chevron pattern! You can find them by the Kleenex isle or by the back to school stuff. While I was looking for these, I noticed how expensive tissues are! However I was pleased to see that Kleenex and Walmart know that college students are poor, so these way cute boxes are only $2.28!

I got one of each color!

The red and the yellow both matched our shower curtain so I couldn't decide which one to use!

For all the time I spend on our couch, it's good to have some tissues around that area!

And some on the dresser for good measure!

Sorry this picture is dark, we have blackout curtains in our bedroom because I am nocturnal, basically.
Again, these way cute Kleenex's are only offered for a limited time so CLICK HERE to find some!
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  1. "I feel like tissues are just one of those things that shows you have your life together." dude, I totally know what you're talking about. Also, I wish I cared about my dorm as much as you did. I just got the cheapest everything, and my whole room was literally gray. I dgafed too hard :(

    1. Haha! No, it was really excessive. I spent way too much and it just was....a lot for the eye to take in. Besides, you aren't supposed to really ever be in your room while you are at college, right? Like studying and going to parties...but let's be honest, I was usually in my room haha.