Friday, August 22, 2014


I hope you guys have enjoyed this giveaway week as much as I have! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Today is the last day of our giveaway and it's a pretty freaking awesome prize, if I do say so myself.  I am so happy to introduce you to Studio Cicada! First of all, I love this company and they are going to be huge soon. We bonded over our love for Dr. Pepper so you know, they will have me as a customer for life. 
A few of my favorite phone was so hard to pick!
However, let me tell you a sad story which involves the unique tale of someone getting angry at the Post Office. So, Studio Cicada was so nice to send me a phone case just like THIS ONE (except it had Utah and said "HOME") so I could take pictures with the cute thang. So she sent it off in the mail like a normal person. Ok, so we were moving away from MD so I needed to forward my mail. I knew the package would arrive last Friday so I purposely put the forwarding mail date on Monday. But guess when the lovely post office decided to start forwarding my mail? You guessed it, Friday. So I went to the post office to see if maybe they had the package. Not only did they not have it, they had no clue where it was. I assumed it would come to my Murray house but it was lost in some sort of limbo. Long story short, (I guess this was already a long story...darn.) I had a friend that was still in Maryland check my mail yesterday and the package was in my mailbox! Unfortunately, she won't be back in Utah till Sunday. Ugh, so the point is that I don't have my own pictures for you but I think you guys are smart enough to get the idea. 

Today, Studio Cicada is giving my readers the chance to win a Cicada Box! This thing is awesome, you guys. Let me tell you what it includes.
One of Studio Cicada's super sturdy phone case that comes with the print of your choice on the back! You can choose either silicone or plastic and whatever phone you have, they can make a case for it!
A 4x4 print of your choice! Such a cute little addition.
My personal favorite items in the box, two bracelets! They have a variety of bracelets that come with this box and they are all really, really cute! 
You guys, this is such an awesome prize I can't even deal. I wish I could win it! 

Alright, you know the drill! Happy entering, winner will be announced next week!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
And a huge thanks to all the companies and YOU GUYS for making this week possible. Oh, and Mark as well. I had a lot of breakdowns about being too fat in the pictures for this giveaway week. Never take pictures while you are PMSing. Just.... never do it. Anyway he took me to the mall and we worked it out thankfully. What a guy. 
The winner for the necklaces will be announced Monday, the print on Wednesday and this AWESOME Cicada box on Friday. Good luck!

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  1. So.. funny story.. I'm actually supposed to be designing cases for SC but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.. :( Too bad - that would have been a fun little tie-in.. :) I'm actually good friends with a few of the designers from the cases you've shown - my little claim to fame.. ;)

  2. I love the live simply with the bike on it. SOOO cute~

  3. I love the always be a little kinder than necessary case! such a good reminder that i definitely need!

  4. I like the stripey case. P.S. Your facebook page extra point thing doesn't have a link.