Monday, August 18, 2014


Well you guys, today is a really exciting day for a lot of reasons!
1. It's my birthday. Happy birthday, me!
2. We left for Utah early this morning! Let me tell you, it was like waiting for Christmas. 
Shout out to Trent Morrison for saving my bum with this awesome graphic. I was drowning in stress from the move, put a call out on twitter and he answered! 
When I realized that the first two things on my list were happening on the same day I thought that it needed to be celebrated! Let me tell you, I think everyone living in Utah should leave for a little while so you can understand and appreciate how amazing and unique Utah really is. I know I never realized how lucky I am to live here until we moved! So to honor this, I came up with the idea of a Giveaway Week, Utah Style and ran with it. I found some amazing companies putting this together and there is no way it could be possible without their generosity. 
Three days. Three different Utah themed products. Three different giveaways. You could win one or you could win them all! Either way, this is going to be awesome.
Today I am so excited to introduce POSH AND TIP. I found Rachel on Etsy and immediately fell in love with her cute State Your Pride necklace. It came in the mail and I wished I had bought it right when I left Utah! I put it on immediately and when about my daily errands. I had a lot of people asking about it throughout the day.  Rachel is being extremely generous so if you win you not only get a gorgeous necklace for yourself, you get one for someone else in your life as well! 
To enter, all you have to do is complete the RaffleCopter below! You can tweet about the giveaway every day to give yourself extra entries. Another way to get bonus entries is to either tag your friends in my Instagram photo (@rileyjothehoe) and/or repost the photo at the top of this post onto Instagram with the hashtag #UtahGiveawayWeek. 
I think it's so cute and dainty. Love it!

Clearly not a fashion blogger..

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check back on Wednesday for another great giveaway with an awesome company!
If you are not from Utah, you can choose which state to get on your necklace!
We will be in Utah in a matter of days and I am so anxious! Things went a little too well on the drive out to Maryland so I am a little worried that they won't be as smooth on the way back. Knock on wood!

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  1. I mean obviously I want a Utah one, but I'd love to get a Virginia one for my mom! Born and raised and still living in that state!

  2. ah this is the cutest! i want one so badly!
    the little diary

  3. Happy birthday! Safe travels! I too love Utah and would love to win this :)

  4. ThIs is so cute! I would love for me and my sister to have one since we are big Ute fans! Of course we love Utah!

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  6. So cute! I would love to give one to my BFF.
    PS. Travel safe to Utah!

  7. Love these! My sister and I are lovin the Utah pride jewelry!