Friday, August 8, 2014

let's vlog.

So today is my last vacation day away from work. I go back for one week and then we come home! Since I was home all week, Mark took the car to work. I was thinking I would just lay out at the pool every day but it's been pretty overcast all week, so I was really bored! I decided to do my first VLOG! Oh man, I have a new respect for vloggers. This was a PAIN. Editing the video took forever and a day, basically because I just honestly went on for almost an hour and then had to cut it down to like eight minutes. Here it is, nonetheless. But before we continue....
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Ok, here is the hot mess vlog!

Thanks to this video, I learned I have a weird twitch in my left eye. Neato!

*Also, the white thing hanging out is my downeast shirt. I may not have a bra on but I defs covered my testimony!*

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  1. I feel like everything you said in this vlog I was thinking "oh my gosh, same!!" but now I can't remember every detail and when I thought about that so I'll just say I would also live in Gilmore Girls, and you are awesome. Just like Alison :)