Monday, August 4, 2014

rehoboth beach

This weekend, Mark's work took us down to Rehoboth (Ree-Hoe-Buh-th) Beach in Delaware. It was quite the weekend. You know when vacations kind of go horrifically wrong but you have fun anyway because well, it's a vacation and you need to make the best of things? That's pretty much what this weekend was. It rained the entire weekend except the first day we were there, so we got a few hours of sunshine and general lovely-ness. We had to share a hotel room with six people, I was the only girl. The boys ate at Buffalo Wild Wings one night and I walked into the bathroom after they had gotten home and I promise you, I openly gagged. Mark had to work a few hours on Thursday and Friday and then all day on Saturday so I had to sit in McDonalds for hours. Also, we were getting ice cream one night and all of the sudden this extremely loud siren, like the kind you hear in movies before a tsunami hits or something and I promise I almost wet myself. But hey! Weirdly I had fun and am now super relaxed. We are happy to be home but we still had a great time. I have a hard time not instagramming vacations as they are happening but here are some pictures nonetheless!

I am starting to love my red hair and I know I am going to be super sad when I have to cut it off in a few weeks!

Here is a lovely, super flattering picture that Mark took of me...

Ok, a word about LLBean bags. Nikki got us this one for our wedding and I have used it every single day this summer, especially with nannying. It is the best possible accessory to have!

We dabbled in the Polaroid world and our pictures turned out a very orange color. I am thinking it's the impossible project film but I need to look into it a little more before we take the camera out again. Mark was mortified to be taking a selfie with a huge Polaroid camera, people definitely judged us!

CRABBY DICKS! We saw this place when we drove in and made it a goal to eat there during the weekend. It was DELICIOUS. Seriously amazing. 

And last but not least, Kohr Bros. The Bells had told me about this place and so we had to give it a try. Best custard I have ever had. We had three cones before we left. It was so delish!

So that was our fun-filled and relaxing weekend! We leave for Utah two weeks from today and I am so excited but also super stressed as we don't have anywhere to live. I am desperately trying to find the right place for us in Orem/Provo area but it's harder than I thought. 

I also am maybe having some appendicitis symptoms? I am going to feel out the rest of the day and see how I am feeling but on a list of things I don't have time for, I would say surgery is absolutely at the top.
Fingers crossed we get our lives together in time.

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  1. use padmapper for finding apartments! it's awesome. also when you move back here we should throw a blogger party or something cause i feel like that would be fun.
    also LOL AT THE PICTURE WITH A CRAB WOMAN. seriously the best thing.

    also, crabby dick's.... HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    super jealous your hair looks amazing still with that color.

    the little diary

    1. I have never heard of padmapper! I will have to check it out.
      I want to! That would be way fun. Let's do it for sure.