Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Brilliant Solution to Eating Out Too Much!

Shoutout to Chili's/Billisio Foods for sponsoring this campaign today! But all opinions are my own, obviously. 

The thing about Mark and I....we like to eat out. Date nights consist of going to dinner somewhere. I stopped looking for "unique date nights" on Pinterest because they all seemed the same. My creativity is totally just gone when it comes to date nights. So we do the dinner and the movie gig, we enjoy it quite a bit actually as Mark has a movie blog and I like to eat...always.  I wish we could tell you we are the cool hipster kids who go try a new restaurant every week, but we're not. We frequent the same places usually and one of those places is Chili's. We are addicted to the two for twenty deal. It's such a good deal for an appetizer and two meals! Hellllloooo Texas Cheese Fries. We can justify spending the money a lot more with a deal like this, however eating out and going to a movie still ends up being a really pricey date night.
Enter, stage right.
Chili's At Home Frozen Meals. They come with all the same flavor as actually going to Chili's and they are way cheaper! Here are some samples of the different entrees they have. Not only do they have single servings but they also have family size as well!

Mark and I went to the grocery store one night because we needed dinner but it was the night before I got paid (ya know how that goes) so we needed something cheap. We also wanted to have a date night because we hadn't really had any genuine time together for a few days. There were so many options of Chili's Meals to choose from, it took us quiiiiiiteee a while. The Walmart workers were making fun of us. Woops!

And then I found an end cap with even more options. It was nuts!

This is what I decided on and then Mark told me he wanted the Bacon Mac & Cheese so we had to reconfigure what was goin on...

So this is what we settled on.

So yay! We got to go on a date. That night, Mark ate the Bacon Mac & Cheese and I ate the Pepperjack Mac & Cheese. Here is a incredibly unattractive picture of Mark snarfing his meal since he had not eaten in over twelve hours.

After the first bite Mark said "Woah, I think this is better than the Mac & Cheese they actually have at Chili's

I ate my Pepperjack Mac and Cheese really fast because A. I was starving and B. It was so spicy! It was a great side dish to the chicken I made with it, but I don't know if it would fill me up if I just ate it alone.

If you are interested in trying Chili's at home, HERE is a really great coupon making the meal even cheaper!

It was a great, simple and cheap date night! Thanks to Chili's and Linqia for sponsoring this campaign and to my readers for supporting the sponsors that pays for my blog!

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