Sunday, September 28, 2014

you say goodbye....I say HELLO.

Last week has been taking a spin down the ol' crapper. 

Haha, what a way to start a blog post, eh? 

A few years ago I was feeling similar to how i'm feeling now. It was around the time that Kelle Hampton had just released her book, Bloom. She was having this huge charity-fest of love to celebrate. Basically, someone that felt in need of receiving this uplifting book for free would comment on her instagram and someone who felt in need of giving some love would reply to that person that they were sending them a copy of her book. There was a lady that commented whose story made me feel like I needed to do something to help her feel better, so I sent her a book with my hard-earned plasma money, haha! 

I instantly felt this huge weight off my shoulders and ever since then, when i'm sad, I try to do a lil somethin somethin for someone else. I'm super selfish because doing something for someone else makes me feel way better than it probably makes the person i'm doing something for. Oh well!

So in honor of my crap-tastic week, i'm saying HELLO to some good vibes and hopefully a new friend, in the form of a care package. "A Hello Sunshine!" care package! I have seen a few of these floating around Pinterest and I think they are really cute. I think I might give it to a lady who works with me who always helps me with the copier that I can never figure out. She is always so smile-y and happy! 

A really cute notebook, some cute cards, lotion, a energy boosting vitamin water, some Baby Lips, a loofah, nail polish, gum, and Lindt's Cookies & Cream chocolate bar!

Lindt is helping everybody make connections. We can start with a really chees-ily themed care package that makes the cashier at Target go "....So Is YoUr FaVoRiTe CoLoR yElLoW!?" or we can just simply say HELLO. Saying hello to someone can be super scary but also super exciting because of the possibilities it could bring.

The HELLO chocolates come in three sizes. The big bars (my favorite...)

The chocolate mini's....

And the mini sticks!

I found these all at Target and while I hear rumors you can find them at Walmart, I found them no where. 
The chocolate bars were really cheap, surprisingly. I brought them to my parents house where a bunch of family and friends were hanging out so we had a big sample party. The favorite of the night was the salted caramel but the most interesting was the strawberry cheesecake. I am also a sucker for the chalkboard-style packaging. I think it's so cute. When you open up the inside, it's decorated super adorably. 

As far as this last week goes, I say GOODBYE to the crappy week, insecurities, making other people's experiences my experiences, stress, anger and all the rest of the things that are making me feel like a potato.
I say HELLO to doing things that make me happy, a new friend, forgiveness, yoga???, giving up Dr. Pepper (mostly) and other things that have the potential to make me feel like this:

What have you said HELLO to recently? A new job? A new place to live? A new family member? A new friend? I want to work on saying HELLO to something or someone new at least once a week. After all, this time last year sushi grossed me out. Then once I said HELLO, I lit'rally can't stop. Same with my friend Anna. Last year she grossed me out, then once I said HELLO I can't stop being obsessed with her. 

Thanks to Lindt HELLO for sponsoring today's discussion. Also, thank you to my friends, family and readers for supporting sponsored content, clicking on the links, and providing a little extra income for my family and mostly to support my annoying blog hobby. 

Be sure to check out new episodes of the "It Started With Hello" web series every week to see some of your favorite YouTube stars and celebrities spark new connections with each other.

Make new connections of your own by entering the Lindt Hello Connections Sweepstakes for a chance to win sweet experiences from Lindt Chocolate.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Truck Roundup!

Last night, I finished Parent Teacher Conference. I was totally beat, like dizzy exhausted. When I was in high school, we usually got Fridays after PTC off to let the teachers rest and now that i'm a teacher I say YES to that plan. Unfortunately that isn't the case in the district I work in, so today I am zombie mode....ANYWAY..
Mark has night class on Mondays and Tuesdays and I had PTC on Wednesday and Thursday so we thought a date night was in order after I finished on Thursday, so we headed down to Provo for their Food Truck Roundup. I had been wanting to go for a super long time but since we were in Maryland this summer, we were never able to go. 
So here are some super crappy pictures because it got dark as soon as we got there!

After trying to decide what to eat by walking around for a while, I saw the WHITE CHICK option at Sweeto Burrito and I died. I was embarrassed that it was everything I beans, chicken, rice and cilantro ranch dressing. It was DELICIOUS.

Here is a picture I found on google of Sweeto Burrito since I was too tired to even form a coherent thought let alone take a good picture...

 Mark got a burger burrito, it had hamburger, fries, bbq sauce, cheese, etc. He got it heavy style and it was just exactly that.

Then, since I could smell it as soon as we parked annnnnd it's the hipster thing to do, I made us get some Art City Donuts. 

My lil noggin dodgin out of the picture. Fail

I heard mixed reviews about the place so my expectations were pretty low. We got the cinnamon sugar, eight donuts for $3! Can't beat that! Anyway, it was DEEEEELIIIIICCCCIOUUSSS. Think of the softest and most *moist* (eeee, sorry) churro you have ever had. It was amazing.

I'm laughing at how terrible this picture is. I was so eager to eat them I couldn't be bothered with a cute picture.

Here is another few pictures I found on google that give Art City Donuts a little more justice. 

We couldn't figure out how to order the one that had all the glaze and stuff on it? It was really weird. They were no where on the menu and yet people were picking up this deliciousness at the pickup window. It was super confusing.

I love the Startup Building area. I wanted to have our wedding reception there but Provo was a lil too far for our friends and family. We will probably go back next week, it was super fun! We were laughing at all the Provo stereotypes that were there. The Mormon Mommy Bloggers, the Vivant Tools, The Hipsters, The Roommates, The RMS, all were present and accounted for!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We have a good friend from Idaho coming to visit us (Hi Dirk!) and also the Big Ass Show (for Mark) and a blogger tea party (for me) so it should be a fun one! But before the weekend starts I have to get observed in my classroom (yiiiikesss) and also grade 150 tests. God Speed, Elder. 

Here's another craptastic picture to take you out!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

"love story" part three

We are continuing with what I call the "smile smile puke puke" series! This is the last post, so woop woop for that!

see part one HERE
see part two HERE

Mark and his friends came back up to Utah State that fall semester after they came home from their missions . Life was pretty much the same except I was trying to balance the life I had made while they were gone as well as my friendship with them which is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. There were two times when I noticed that something was different between Mark and I. The first is when we had planned on going golfing together, we had this plan for a couple weeks, and at the last minute I ditched him to go play mini golf with some Fraternity men. He was pretty hurt by the whole thing and I remember how that struck me as...different? Unusual? I wasn't quite sure at the time.
The next thing was when I went to Boston for a week and when I came home, Mark was SO HAPPY to see me. I was just so shocked he had missed me that much.
actual picture of our reunion from my Boston trip. I cannot get over how gross we each look.

But, all things stayed the same until our friends started to get fed up with the whole thing.
Our friend Nate had been working hard for many years trying to get Mark to admit he liked me, but didn't really get anywhere with it because I made Nate promise not to tell Mark I liked him, makes sense, right?
Our friend Hilarie, who was in Ecuador on a service thing at the time, kind of grabbed the bull by the horns or whatever and messaged Mark and told him the total truth. He was totally shocked by the news and claimed he had no idea, which I still wonder if that is completely true...haha!
So Hilarie informed me that she let the cat out of the bag. I was both really mad at her and also really relieved that the news was out and I didn't have to hide my feelings anymore. However, after Mark knew the truth, NOTHING. HAPPENED. He claims he was dropping hints but I wasn't pickin em up, that's for sure! So for once and for all, I decided I was over it and decided that I was not going to pursue my feelings. So that was that! I was ready to move on.

Then a few weeks a after this, I was sitting in the library on campus and ran into Nate. I can't remember what he said to me, but somehow he convinced me in a ten or fifteen conversation to just go for it and pursue Mark. 

That night a bunch of us hung out and had a bonfire. I really went balls to the walls and was extra flirty, extra clingy, cuddly, all of that puke-y stuff. Luckily, Mark took the hint!
See? We were cuddling!
This went on for three days before we had the DTR conversation which literally, like these exact words, went like "Do we like each other? Do we? Do we?" 
We originally were dating on a "trial" basis. Haha! Because honestly, both of us knew that if we started dating we would get married. It was an all or nothing situation. So we decided we would feel it out for two or three weeks and if it wasn't working, we would break up. Well the next week we were talking marriage and saying the I love you's... So the trial dating came an almost two year gig. 
When people talk about the honeymoon stage of marriage, I didn't really feel that. But the honeymoon stage of dating? We definitely enjoyed that. All glorious six months of that. 

One of the first pictures of us as a couple hahahaha

We talked about marriage the entire time we dated. We had a few dates we wanted to get married on and then just felt like it wasn't the right time. The weirdest thing is when we realized that we wanted to get married before the summer and I was going to go to Maryland with Mark, everything fell together super fast, in about a week. We were like "maybe we should go to Needhams to just look at rings..." And then at the end of that week we were engaged. Hah! If you want to know how Mark surprised the un-surprisable (me) click HERE

Lots of people asked why we waited so long to get married. Lots of reasons, mostly it's because we were/are babies. We both have had our parents take care of us financially our entire lives. The first time I paid for my own gas was the day after we got married. So I wanted to wait and give myself and Mark some time to grow up and for me to mostly finish school. I just knew that both of us being in school full time while married is something that ultimately we were not ready to do and props to the people who can! So we waited and I am so glad we did. If I could go back, I would probably have dated for longer, till I was done student teaching. Dating was so fun! However, I totally and completely believe that everything fell together at just the right time. Isn't that how it always is?

For the rest of our engagement pictures, click HERE.

If you want to see our wedding click HERE and HERE.

Thanks for stickin with me through this! I am so glad I got it done somewhere so I can show the bebes someday.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#TagsThrift---two skirts, three looks! And one pair of shoes, because i'm an amateur and forgetful.

You guys, I want to tell you about Monday night.

But first, let me back up. Last week I got an email inviting me to an event at Tag's Thrift Store in American Fork. We live pretty close to this place so I had seen it multiple times. I was so excited to go! Then I realized Mark has class on Monday nights so it would be a huge juggling act to be able to get me to the store, so I wasn't going to go and I was so sad! So Mark organized the car situation so I would be able to go, he knew I needed some social time, haha! But then a few hours before I got the migraine of the century, so for the second time I decided I wasn't going to go. Thanks to some divine intervention and some 800 MG ibuprofen that I still have refills left from tearing my meniscus four years ago, I was ready to party....and it was GREAT.

First of all, I was expecting a D.I/Savers type of vibe and that's not what I got. The owners of Tags Thrift want to keep their store FRESH, meaning that it won't smell or look like the usual thrift store. They will be including a bakery in their store! Think Barnes & Noble with a thrift store attached. They have a cute little nook area with local artists work displayed, free wifi, lounge area and hello, a delicious bakery!
That CHEESECAKE doe...

Aren't these tables adorable?? 

I need one in my house!

Just when I thought it couldn't get better, the owners of Tags Thrift Store explained their motivation and it made my heart swell up. You can sell your clothes by the pound to Tags and then you can choose to donate to a charity! You can do any charity you want, though Tags Thrift Store has several that they exclusively work with. Their main charity is Feed the World, which helps small farmers complete with the big Agribusiness people. The owners of this store are SO passionate about this cause, it melted my heart hearing them talk about it.

After eating some delicious food from the bakery, we were able to explore the store. I headed straight for the dresses rack and the first dress I looked at I saw this tag:

HELLLLLOOO. Tag's Thrift not only takes clothing from Utah, but also from California, Boston and Florida. That pretty much explains why I kept seeing stuff like this:

When they told us to pick out a few things, I thought I would be in and out quickly. Um, you guys, I was there for an hour and a half. I was in and out of the dressing room every five minutes. Then I made the mistake of going to the accessories and housewares, so I spent another thirty minutes trying to decide what was going home with me.

Honorable mentions of what I had to leave behind:
I'm a sucker for a nice tschotchke.
This still had the tags on it from Forever 21. It was so hard to leave it behind!

Annnnnd here is what I walked away with:

So my niece was teaching me how to pose...I told her I would include one of her moves on the post!

A word on the fuzzy vest......I have had this since like my junior year at high school. I got it at Charlotte Russe if that tells you anything. Everyone in my life HATES it, like loathes it with a passion. AND I LOVE IT. So there! Haha!

I knew that the two skirts kind of looked the same but I could NOT leave either behind. Plus, I live in skirts and dress pants for student teaching so I felt fine about it. 
Also, I am such an amateur with this fashion blogging stuff. I had three pairs of shoes planned for this shoot and forgot all of them. Plus, I waited till the last minute so my eleven year old niece was the only person I could scrounge up to take pictures of me! Haha! But she did a grand job. 

Their grand opening is THIS weekend. They were explaining all of the awesome things they will have in store for the opening and it's going to be crazy! 

Thanks to Tag's Thrift for sponsoring this post! Also, a bunch of bloggers that were at the party on Monday night are having a contest about whoever can get the most likes, comments, repins, favorites, tweets, etc about their outfits from the party. If you could help me out, I would love some extra cash.... :) 

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