Monday, September 8, 2014

checking in

Hi guys, remember me? I feel like I have been gone forever. Or maybe I haven't been but it feels like it. Here is a sloppy post trying to catch up.

When we got home from Maryland, we lived in my parents basement until our house was ready. The basement flooded and so the landlord needed time to clean up.  I had to go to Logan for a few days for an orientation and then I came home and had my first few days of student teaching for a few days. Then, for Labor Day Weekend, we left to Mark's cabin at Pond's Lodge as we always do. It rained the entire time, but it was still beautiful and relaxing as always. However, i'm always so happy to come home and sleep in my own bed. Does anyone else get grossed out with hotels and things like that? It's really hard for me not to think about all the people that slept on the bed I was sleeping on.

Anyway, we got back from the cabin on Labor Day and instantly moved in to our house! Moving was fairly easy. We got totally set up that day, Mark barricaded us in the house until we did. 

The next morning, we woke up to eaten bread. We had a lil mouse in our house, and I freaked. I hate mice SO much. So we got some traps but we had ourselves a tricky guy, so it was a few days before we got him and I was living in terror/horror the entire time.

Then on Friday I came home from school and to my unpleasant horror, our basement had flooded again. So they had to rip up our carpet and we had to go back with my parents this last weekend. 
Happily, they are putting our carpet back down today but unfortunately, ripping it up left a really gross smell in our entire basement so starting tonight I have to wash every single item of clothing. Woop!

Anyway, that all sounded really negative but life has been really great. Haha! 
Ok, here are some pictures.

If you follow me on instagram, you know I cleaned out the room I grew up in this weekend. that was the weirdest experience I have had in a while. To officially say "I have nothing left at my parents house" except the few memory box items is crazy grownup, I think. Anyway, cleaning up I found some horrifying things, this Jersey Shore poster the least of which, surprisingly. 

The back of my second iPod. Notice the up-down letters. So hip.

And I laughed till I cried at these pictures. I think I was trying to be artsy and take underwater pictures but they were just a HUGE hot mess.

Remember my dilemma about carpet in our kitchen? We were trying to think of ways to solve it and all of them were very expensive. We were talking to my Dad about ripping up the carpet and totally installing hardwood in the whole main area. It's not even our house and we were talking about this. Then we were walking around Lowes this weekend and found this really cool mat/rug/fake hardwood? I am not sure, but it's EXACTLY what we needed and it was way cheap. I almost cried. But really, I almost cried when I was driving my Dad's truck to Lehi with this huge mat in the back and I looked in my rearview mirror and the mat was GONEZO. But really the back gate had came open and it was barely hanging on and I pulled over before it was lost to the highway forever.
But really, it might be tacky but it also makes our house look ten times better.
Do you see that Grandma couch poking its little head out? Ooooo...

We are being big kids and buying a couch! We are so torn on two different couches that are actually more or less completely the same, just from different stores so we will see what we choose at the end of the week. We originally borrowed my sister's husband's great, great grandma's couch so yeah, just by my explanation alone you can understand it is not doing our house any favors. Als
o, people were smaller back then and it's really obvious in this couch. We always laugh that the rest of our house looks like furniture made for giants in comparison.
I could use some opinions, will this dark grey color bring my house dowwwwwn? I don't know if I want a light grey, though, because I tend to eat on the couch and i'm also very accident prone...

Mark and I's parents have fed us the best food lately. On Friday I had a sore throat from screaming at kids all day...haha, and my Mom made me mashed potatoes and gravy and they were e v e r y t h i n g. And then Mark's Mom is a Japanese food blogger so you know, good things there always. She goes all out, even if it's just for family dinner. Not pictured: her wiping a plate with one of those chef napkin things to make sure all her lines were even. 

There is a SWIG down the street from us! We went after one of my particularly hard days to see if it was worth the hype. It was. 

Doesn't my face say "I cried in the 8th grade bathroom twice today?"

Also, the secret I have been painstakingly keeping since last December can finally go public! My best friend/ cousin Codi is going to be on Diane Von Furstenberg's new reality TV show on E!, House of DVF, airing in November. I was able to go visit Codi in NYC while she was filming this summer and it was absolutely surreal, to say the least. I want to say more about it but can't unless I want to get sued. Though I know how it ends, I will still be glued to the TV so you should too! HERE is the trailer.

I had some doggie lovin over the weekend at my parents house. Oh, and Mark and I went to Comic-Con. It was essentially like a "walk in, walk out" situation except it took us 45 minutes to get in and then three hours to get out. It was horrifying for me, a clausterphobe, but also the outfits were amazing and a hot mess all at once. But yeah, no pictures of that because my heart was trying to burst out of my chest the entire time.

I don't selfie often, but woah. When I do, I reaaallllly do. 

And let's talk about student teaching, though I don't want to/can't say too much but it's simultaneously been everything I have ever dreamed and my worst nightmare. Sometimes in the same class period. It's kind of hard to face the realities of something you have always dreamed about and had 20+ years to fantasize about...but I think it's going just about as well as it could.
Let's close it down with details about my Agnes and Dora party. You can find the FB event HERE. Anyone is welcome to come!

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  1. haha okay I loved this update. so much good stuff. I think I'm in love with your old iPod hahahaha. soooo classic early 2000s.