Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Truck Roundup!

Last night, I finished Parent Teacher Conference. I was totally beat, like dizzy exhausted. When I was in high school, we usually got Fridays after PTC off to let the teachers rest and now that i'm a teacher I say YES to that plan. Unfortunately that isn't the case in the district I work in, so today I am zombie mode....ANYWAY..
Mark has night class on Mondays and Tuesdays and I had PTC on Wednesday and Thursday so we thought a date night was in order after I finished on Thursday, so we headed down to Provo for their Food Truck Roundup. I had been wanting to go for a super long time but since we were in Maryland this summer, we were never able to go. 
So here are some super crappy pictures because it got dark as soon as we got there!

After trying to decide what to eat by walking around for a while, I saw the WHITE CHICK option at Sweeto Burrito and I died. I was embarrassed that it was everything I beans, chicken, rice and cilantro ranch dressing. It was DELICIOUS.

Here is a picture I found on google of Sweeto Burrito since I was too tired to even form a coherent thought let alone take a good picture...

 Mark got a burger burrito, it had hamburger, fries, bbq sauce, cheese, etc. He got it heavy style and it was just exactly that.

Then, since I could smell it as soon as we parked annnnnd it's the hipster thing to do, I made us get some Art City Donuts. 

My lil noggin dodgin out of the picture. Fail

I heard mixed reviews about the place so my expectations were pretty low. We got the cinnamon sugar, eight donuts for $3! Can't beat that! Anyway, it was DEEEEELIIIIICCCCIOUUSSS. Think of the softest and most *moist* (eeee, sorry) churro you have ever had. It was amazing.

I'm laughing at how terrible this picture is. I was so eager to eat them I couldn't be bothered with a cute picture.

Here is another few pictures I found on google that give Art City Donuts a little more justice. 

We couldn't figure out how to order the one that had all the glaze and stuff on it? It was really weird. They were no where on the menu and yet people were picking up this deliciousness at the pickup window. It was super confusing.

I love the Startup Building area. I wanted to have our wedding reception there but Provo was a lil too far for our friends and family. We will probably go back next week, it was super fun! We were laughing at all the Provo stereotypes that were there. The Mormon Mommy Bloggers, the Vivant Tools, The Hipsters, The Roommates, The RMS, all were present and accounted for!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We have a good friend from Idaho coming to visit us (Hi Dirk!) and also the Big Ass Show (for Mark) and a blogger tea party (for me) so it should be a fun one! But before the weekend starts I have to get observed in my classroom (yiiiikesss) and also grade 150 tests. God Speed, Elder. 

Here's another craptastic picture to take you out!

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg


  1. I am dying to go to the food truck roundup, but it is so far from Logan! I just need to jump on the Frontrunner and go!

  2. ah the round up is magical. glad you finally went. i've been dying to try the pumpkin spice donuts!
    the little diary