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"love story" part three

We are continuing with what I call the "smile smile puke puke" series! This is the last post, so woop woop for that!

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Mark and his friends came back up to Utah State that fall semester after they came home from their missions . Life was pretty much the same except I was trying to balance the life I had made while they were gone as well as my friendship with them which is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. There were two times when I noticed that something was different between Mark and I. The first is when we had planned on going golfing together, we had this plan for a couple weeks, and at the last minute I ditched him to go play mini golf with some Fraternity men. He was pretty hurt by the whole thing and I remember how that struck me as...different? Unusual? I wasn't quite sure at the time.
The next thing was when I went to Boston for a week and when I came home, Mark was SO HAPPY to see me. I was just so shocked he had missed me that much.
actual picture of our reunion from my Boston trip. I cannot get over how gross we each look.

But, all things stayed the same until our friends started to get fed up with the whole thing.
Our friend Nate had been working hard for many years trying to get Mark to admit he liked me, but didn't really get anywhere with it because I made Nate promise not to tell Mark I liked him, makes sense, right?
Our friend Hilarie, who was in Ecuador on a service thing at the time, kind of grabbed the bull by the horns or whatever and messaged Mark and told him the total truth. He was totally shocked by the news and claimed he had no idea, which I still wonder if that is completely true...haha!
So Hilarie informed me that she let the cat out of the bag. I was both really mad at her and also really relieved that the news was out and I didn't have to hide my feelings anymore. However, after Mark knew the truth, NOTHING. HAPPENED. He claims he was dropping hints but I wasn't pickin em up, that's for sure! So for once and for all, I decided I was over it and decided that I was not going to pursue my feelings. So that was that! I was ready to move on.

Then a few weeks a after this, I was sitting in the library on campus and ran into Nate. I can't remember what he said to me, but somehow he convinced me in a ten or fifteen conversation to just go for it and pursue Mark. 

That night a bunch of us hung out and had a bonfire. I really went balls to the walls and was extra flirty, extra clingy, cuddly, all of that puke-y stuff. Luckily, Mark took the hint!
See? We were cuddling!
This went on for three days before we had the DTR conversation which literally, like these exact words, went like "Do we like each other? Do we? Do we?" 
We originally were dating on a "trial" basis. Haha! Because honestly, both of us knew that if we started dating we would get married. It was an all or nothing situation. So we decided we would feel it out for two or three weeks and if it wasn't working, we would break up. Well the next week we were talking marriage and saying the I love you's... So the trial dating came an almost two year gig. 
When people talk about the honeymoon stage of marriage, I didn't really feel that. But the honeymoon stage of dating? We definitely enjoyed that. All glorious six months of that. 

One of the first pictures of us as a couple hahahaha

We talked about marriage the entire time we dated. We had a few dates we wanted to get married on and then just felt like it wasn't the right time. The weirdest thing is when we realized that we wanted to get married before the summer and I was going to go to Maryland with Mark, everything fell together super fast, in about a week. We were like "maybe we should go to Needhams to just look at rings..." And then at the end of that week we were engaged. Hah! If you want to know how Mark surprised the un-surprisable (me) click HERE

Lots of people asked why we waited so long to get married. Lots of reasons, mostly it's because we were/are babies. We both have had our parents take care of us financially our entire lives. The first time I paid for my own gas was the day after we got married. So I wanted to wait and give myself and Mark some time to grow up and for me to mostly finish school. I just knew that both of us being in school full time while married is something that ultimately we were not ready to do and props to the people who can! So we waited and I am so glad we did. If I could go back, I would probably have dated for longer, till I was done student teaching. Dating was so fun! However, I totally and completely believe that everything fell together at just the right time. Isn't that how it always is?

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Thanks for stickin with me through this! I am so glad I got it done somewhere so I can show the bebes someday.

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  1. wait, people ask why you waited so long in between engaged and married? or just like dating to marriage?