Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#TagsThrift---two skirts, three looks! And one pair of shoes, because i'm an amateur and forgetful.

You guys, I want to tell you about Monday night.

But first, let me back up. Last week I got an email inviting me to an event at Tag's Thrift Store in American Fork. We live pretty close to this place so I had seen it multiple times. I was so excited to go! Then I realized Mark has class on Monday nights so it would be a huge juggling act to be able to get me to the store, so I wasn't going to go and I was so sad! So Mark organized the car situation so I would be able to go, he knew I needed some social time, haha! But then a few hours before I got the migraine of the century, so for the second time I decided I wasn't going to go. Thanks to some divine intervention and some 800 MG ibuprofen that I still have refills left from tearing my meniscus four years ago, I was ready to party....and it was GREAT.

First of all, I was expecting a D.I/Savers type of vibe and that's not what I got. The owners of Tags Thrift want to keep their store FRESH, meaning that it won't smell or look like the usual thrift store. They will be including a bakery in their store! Think Barnes & Noble with a thrift store attached. They have a cute little nook area with local artists work displayed, free wifi, lounge area and hello, a delicious bakery!
That CHEESECAKE doe...

Aren't these tables adorable?? 

I need one in my house!

Just when I thought it couldn't get better, the owners of Tags Thrift Store explained their motivation and it made my heart swell up. You can sell your clothes by the pound to Tags and then you can choose to donate to a charity! You can do any charity you want, though Tags Thrift Store has several that they exclusively work with. Their main charity is Feed the World, which helps small farmers complete with the big Agribusiness people. The owners of this store are SO passionate about this cause, it melted my heart hearing them talk about it.

After eating some delicious food from the bakery, we were able to explore the store. I headed straight for the dresses rack and the first dress I looked at I saw this tag:

HELLLLLOOO. Tag's Thrift not only takes clothing from Utah, but also from California, Boston and Florida. That pretty much explains why I kept seeing stuff like this:

When they told us to pick out a few things, I thought I would be in and out quickly. Um, you guys, I was there for an hour and a half. I was in and out of the dressing room every five minutes. Then I made the mistake of going to the accessories and housewares, so I spent another thirty minutes trying to decide what was going home with me.

Honorable mentions of what I had to leave behind:
I'm a sucker for a nice tschotchke.
This still had the tags on it from Forever 21. It was so hard to leave it behind!

Annnnnd here is what I walked away with:

So my niece was teaching me how to pose...I told her I would include one of her moves on the post!

A word on the fuzzy vest......I have had this since like my junior year at high school. I got it at Charlotte Russe if that tells you anything. Everyone in my life HATES it, like loathes it with a passion. AND I LOVE IT. So there! Haha!

I knew that the two skirts kind of looked the same but I could NOT leave either behind. Plus, I live in skirts and dress pants for student teaching so I felt fine about it. 
Also, I am such an amateur with this fashion blogging stuff. I had three pairs of shoes planned for this shoot and forgot all of them. Plus, I waited till the last minute so my eleven year old niece was the only person I could scrounge up to take pictures of me! Haha! But she did a grand job. 

Their grand opening is THIS weekend. They were explaining all of the awesome things they will have in store for the opening and it's going to be crazy! 

Thanks to Tag's Thrift for sponsoring this post! Also, a bunch of bloggers that were at the party on Monday night are having a contest about whoever can get the most likes, comments, repins, favorites, tweets, etc about their outfits from the party. If you could help me out, I would love some extra cash.... :) 

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  1. i'll help ya out sista. also, looooookin hotttt. you're like a natural fashion blogger.
    the little diary

  2. Cute!!! I really like the 2nd outfit!!!