Sunday, September 28, 2014

you say goodbye....I say HELLO.

Last week has been taking a spin down the ol' crapper. 

Haha, what a way to start a blog post, eh? 

A few years ago I was feeling similar to how i'm feeling now. It was around the time that Kelle Hampton had just released her book, Bloom. She was having this huge charity-fest of love to celebrate. Basically, someone that felt in need of receiving this uplifting book for free would comment on her instagram and someone who felt in need of giving some love would reply to that person that they were sending them a copy of her book. There was a lady that commented whose story made me feel like I needed to do something to help her feel better, so I sent her a book with my hard-earned plasma money, haha! 

I instantly felt this huge weight off my shoulders and ever since then, when i'm sad, I try to do a lil somethin somethin for someone else. I'm super selfish because doing something for someone else makes me feel way better than it probably makes the person i'm doing something for. Oh well!

So in honor of my crap-tastic week, i'm saying HELLO to some good vibes and hopefully a new friend, in the form of a care package. "A Hello Sunshine!" care package! I have seen a few of these floating around Pinterest and I think they are really cute. I think I might give it to a lady who works with me who always helps me with the copier that I can never figure out. She is always so smile-y and happy! 

A really cute notebook, some cute cards, lotion, a energy boosting vitamin water, some Baby Lips, a loofah, nail polish, gum, and Lindt's Cookies & Cream chocolate bar!

Lindt is helping everybody make connections. We can start with a really chees-ily themed care package that makes the cashier at Target go "....So Is YoUr FaVoRiTe CoLoR yElLoW!?" or we can just simply say HELLO. Saying hello to someone can be super scary but also super exciting because of the possibilities it could bring.

The HELLO chocolates come in three sizes. The big bars (my favorite...)

The chocolate mini's....

And the mini sticks!

I found these all at Target and while I hear rumors you can find them at Walmart, I found them no where. 
The chocolate bars were really cheap, surprisingly. I brought them to my parents house where a bunch of family and friends were hanging out so we had a big sample party. The favorite of the night was the salted caramel but the most interesting was the strawberry cheesecake. I am also a sucker for the chalkboard-style packaging. I think it's so cute. When you open up the inside, it's decorated super adorably. 

As far as this last week goes, I say GOODBYE to the crappy week, insecurities, making other people's experiences my experiences, stress, anger and all the rest of the things that are making me feel like a potato.
I say HELLO to doing things that make me happy, a new friend, forgiveness, yoga???, giving up Dr. Pepper (mostly) and other things that have the potential to make me feel like this:

What have you said HELLO to recently? A new job? A new place to live? A new family member? A new friend? I want to work on saying HELLO to something or someone new at least once a week. After all, this time last year sushi grossed me out. Then once I said HELLO, I lit'rally can't stop. Same with my friend Anna. Last year she grossed me out, then once I said HELLO I can't stop being obsessed with her. 

Thanks to Lindt HELLO for sponsoring today's discussion. Also, thank you to my friends, family and readers for supporting sponsored content, clicking on the links, and providing a little extra income for my family and mostly to support my annoying blog hobby. 

Be sure to check out new episodes of the "It Started With Hello" web series every week to see some of your favorite YouTube stars and celebrities spark new connections with each other.

Make new connections of your own by entering the Lindt Hello Connections Sweepstakes for a chance to win sweet experiences from Lindt Chocolate.

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  1. cute gift idea! pinned this. also, those pictures of gubler that have been on his twitter are perf. glad you included one lol.
    the little diary