Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 things that have changed my life recently

Today i'm talking about....well, exactly the title of this post. Five things i've recently discovered and I  am not sure how I have lived without them for so long. So let's go!

1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil
So a few months ago I got a new makeup palette and so I was on YouTube searching for tutorials. I found this tutorial and almost turned it off because the girl had THE biggest white head zit I had ever seen in my life and I was going to puke. But then she introduced this NYX jumbo eye pencil. It's specified use is for eyeliner? (maybe for giantesses, it's huge!) But it's actually perfect for an eyeshadow primer! Ever since using it, my eye makeup doesn't even budge the entire day. It literally looks the exact same when I walk out of the door as it does when I come back eight hours later. It's AWESOME! Seriously.

2. Mophie Charging Case
Mark got a new phone a few months ago and the guy at the Verizon store, though he reeked like pee, actually showed us a really cool case I had never seen before. The brand is Mophie and it's exactly what it sounds like! It holds the power for a whole second charge for your phone. Since I was so jealous of Mark's, when I got my new iPhone I had to get one as well. You plug your phone in at night with the special Mophie charging cord and it charges both your phone and your phone case. Then during the day, when you feel like you need more battery, you just flip the "on" button on the back of the phone case. It took my largest first world problem, always seeking a outlet, always having a charger in my purse, always trying to conserve my battery and made it completely non-existent. I have had this charging case for over a month and my phone has only died once. It's just not something I ever have to worry about! That alone is worth the money spent on the case. Suggestion: When upgrading your phone, don't sell your phone back to your provider. Sell it on KSL for much more money and then use that money to buy a Mophie case. 

3. Agnes & Dora Leggings
I have heard about Agnes & Dora for quite a while so last week I decided to have my own party. Thanks to the 10 people who came, you jerks. Anyway, I earned a few free pairs of leggings and other fun things and HOLY CRAP you guys, their leggings are like you are lounging on a cloud. A warm, perfect cloud. They stay where they need to stay, they aren't see through (even my white-striped ones, not see through!) and just awesome in general. I have worn them pretty much 24/7 since I bought them. Their skirts are awesome too, they don't go anywhere so I'm not constantly tugging down on them. 

4. Cocomotion
 I'm a big hot chocolate person, like, year round. I used to just fill my mug up with water, microwave it for three minutes and then dump a lil packet of hot chocolate mix and some sugar in my cup. I thought it was pretty good until we got a Cocomotion for our wedding. WOAH. WOAHHHHHHHOOOHHH. How have I lived without a cocomotion my entire life!?? You just combine milk and hot chocolate mix in the machine. It takes about 5-10 minutes to do its magic and when its done its the most delicious, perfectly warm concoction. Seriously amazing. 

5. Eye Mask
I bought this last minute the night before Mark and I got married. I knew we would be leaving on our drive to Maryland and I had never tried one before so I decided to try it out. Mark hated his immediately, he's got a huge noggin. I am obsessed with mine. I use it ALL the time. Naps, short drives, long drives, and especially on vacation. When you are going somewhere that you have never been before you don't know what the light situation will be like. For example, when we went to Rehoboth Beach, our room was right by a huge streetlight and even when all the lights were off, it was so freakin bright in our room. I was so glad to have it that night. I have also conditioned myself to know that when that's on my face, it's sleep time. Example, last night I was not tired whatsoever. I laid in bed trying to sleep for a while and it wasn't working. Not even kidding, I put the cover on and I was out in probably three minutes. Even though we keep our bedroom as dark as a cave in the middle of no where, it's just helps me sleep. Get one. 

Ooookay, that's it! I've got a few things coming up that i'm excited about so stay tuned.

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  1. hahaha laughing at your zit comment. yeahhhh phone battery life rules. I didn't get a mophie case but my new giant iphone has a huge battery because of its size so my phone never dies! it was weird for the first few days -- every time my phone got to 30% I was like CRAP CRAP CRAP I got 10 more minutes (because my old phone was terrible at staying alive). but now 30% is enough to actually get me through half of the day. it's soooo freeing.

    1. Really??? That actually makes me want the new iphone more. I should have had more patience and waited till it came out!