Monday, October 20, 2014

and now a word from us kids

In Elementary school, I used to pretend to miss the bus so I could go over to Codi's house and watch Arthur. The other day I was doing something and randomly, "and now a word from us kids!" popped in my head. I was like...yessssss. I made my own little creation up there from when I made Mark take a picture of me in front of the beer, at the time I thought it was hilarious and now I don't know why. So...there's that.

Anyway, I could have called this post a happy list, or a iphone dump, or any of those things. Here we go!

When I come back from lunch to find notes like this on the board...

Mark and I went on a picnic and drove through the Alpine Loop.  I wasn't feeling the cute fall pictures that are popping up on every social media outlet lately. Mainly because I was so freaking exhausted this day and I had no desire for makeup. Hey, at least my hair is clean.
Also, is anyone else obsessed with KFC like I am? If I could choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would undoubtedly be their mashed potatoes and gravy. My brother used to deliver for KFC when they were about that life, so maybe that's why I love it so much. I just have had it forever.

This was right before I almost accidentally killed Mark so he is being  quite a gem about that whole thing.

Here's the most fall-esque picture I could pull off. It was SO COLD up there, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a jacket and a blanket and it was not enough.

I spent Fall Break at the UEA convention with my Mom. She was making me laugh pretty hard, like when she asked what a "mee-mee" was and I didn't understand what she was saying so I had her write it down...

Then she asked to take a selfie. Then she told me that she looks like a grapefruit.

So last week I won Gentri Lee's blog giveaway for a pair of Sven's Clogs. I was beside myself trying to pick a pair. I ordered this pair and instantly was like "I MADE THE WRONG CHOICE!" but I knew I would never pick a style if I didn't just pull the trigger. When they came they were so cute and I wear navy almost every day so they will get a lot of wear. They are SO comfortable. Like, the most comfortable shoe that I own. I don't feel like i'm going to teeter and fall which is huge for me since I have the world's weakest ankles. I'm constantly spraining my ankle. Anyway, i'm in trouble because I have now started a really expensive habit. After wearing these shoes for two days I can tell you they are totally worth the investment. 

Also, a word about the shirt. My Mom took me to the Overstock Warehouse. If you haven't been there, it's clear out in the boonies, off California Avenue and 5000 W. However, it's SUPER cool in there. They have really cheap rugs, furniture, decor, shoes, jewlery, art, clothes, curtains, bedspreads, anything and everything! So I was sorting through this huge box of clothes and found this Madwell chambray. The price tag said $15.00 but when we went to ring it up it was only $5.00 and then the cashier gave us a huge discount so it was like the cost of a drink at McDonalds. 
My Mom bought THE coolest rug for like $35.00 so it's absolutely worth the drive, though I was told that it's hit or miss, like a yard sale.

The other day I was really p/o'd at one thing or the other and so I took my frustrations out on our flower box. I ripped out every single dead flower and tossed the dirt. It makes our house look so much better. I'm sad that I can't plant flowers until spring, but I wanted to do something to jazz up the flower boxes. So I made these SUPER cheesy headstones. They would have been a lot cuter if I had good handwriting but alas. 

We finally ran out of our huge thing of Old Bay that we got in Maryland this summer. We put that ish on EVERYTHING so we were super panicked about how we were going to possibly get more. Then I found it in Walmart! So that's good!

Speaking of Codi, she was in In Style magazine this week! Her show airs in less than a month and the whole thing is very surreal to me so I can't imagine how she feels. It was almost a year ago when she told me she applied to a weird reality show and we all thought it was fake. Now, she is in huge magazines! Check her out on House of DVF on E! *Note- it's actually on On Demand right now if you have Comcast! I'm waiting for Mark to get home to watch it but I can't wait!*

After reading Life of Bon's post about personality tests, I decided to take the test myself! It seems pretty accurate to me. I want Mark to take it so we can analyze ourselves..woo!

We tried a new taco place on Friday, 180 Tacos in Provo. Though it was pretty pricey, it was AMAZING. Twenty thumbs up.

Well, that's all for me. I'm off to study for the Praxis...again....

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  1. "and now, a word from us kids!" do you even know how much i love that? you made my day! arthur forever! and really, how perfect is the picture of you by the beer in the middle? laughing so hard.

    also, kfc mashed potatoes are SO GOOD. that & their mac n cheese...i think i could live off of those 2 things.

  2. that beer picture is everything. also, i love this happy list/positive list/whatever you call it. so yaya.