Friday, October 31, 2014

evolution of Halloween

Halloween has been a holiday that I have always wanted to get into, but I haven't really been able to successfully pull it off. 
Last night Mark and I were trying to figure out what to do tomorrow and I declared that next year, i'm going Alison Show style and planning a Halloween bash for our friends. I'm doing it. No one can stop me.
So here is a little evolution of my Halloween days. It's been it's fair amount of rough, ya know?  Also, apparently my parents don't love me enough to take pictures of me when I was little in my costume because I couldn't find A SINGLE ONE!
So, we're starting in my teens. 

You guys have seen the tragedy that is my pizza and inflatable cow costumes:
(Can I add that my blog gets at least 7 hits a week for people googling "Inflatable Cow Costume?" 
I used to get several emails a month inquiring as to where I bought it. It's actually kind of weird.)
Judging by my nephew who just turned 14 and is above six feet and he looks about four in this picture, I would say I am 14 here.

This was my fifteen year old costume year. A pizza. A greasy, not even appetizing pizza. It was as terrible as it gets.

So then, Freshman year I got the memo that girls are supposed to dress cute on Halloween. I was mega, meeegggga poor first semester because of my AXO dues/pin so I gathered together what I had for a pre-Halloween party. I present to you, the hot mess express....

What exactly was I supposed to be????? I honestly don't even know. Thankfully, Karly or Katie intervened and I sorted things out for the Howl.

Man, that Howl was successful for my Freshman year self.

My sophomore and junior year, I moved into the sorority house. That was evident at times...
Sophomore year. Wearing my Mom's gypsy costume from the eighties. Yikes. But i'll be damned if those boobs don't look amazing.

The Pirate costume that lasted me for three years...

And other times it wasn't.

 Yeah, I was a Grandma for a pre-halloween party two years in a row. 

Then during my senior year, Mark and I started dating which meant precious couple costumes. Except if you know Mark, you know he doesn't really play that game. 

That bring us to this year. I obviously have to be at school today so I needed something professional yet cute! I realized I had a red skirt from downeast and yellow shoes, so that lead to Minnie! I only had to buy the ears, I even had the felt for the spots. I actually didn't end up buying the ears because my Minnie Ears didn't come from Etsy on time so I got them for free from a neighbor and got my money back from the etsy lady. 

Cheapest costume? Yes. Most successful? Maybe. Classiest? Absolutely.
Also, what are your thoughts about the red lipstick? My lips are HUGE. So it's hard. But I tried a different technique today so we'll see if it helped.

Tonight we are going to my parents to watch my cute lil niece and nephew trick or treat and then probably going to see Nightcrawler. I HATEEE scary movies, they are THE worst so, we're in negotiatons. 

Happy Halloween!

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  1. i am totally in love with your minnie costume, LOVE! also - you went to usu? and you were friends with hillarie timmerman? i love this small world!

  2. please invite me to your alison show halloween bash.
    i'm interested to know the story behind that taurus turned into a face.
    your boobs do look amazing in that gypsy costume, so #winning.
    pretty sure that red lipstick looks amazing. you should post a closer pic sometime. what's this technique? cause i have no lips and i would kill to have lips like you.