Monday, October 27, 2014

excuse me while I glorify "busy"

I feel like lately I have seen a lot of haters of the word/concept of "busy" 
a few weeks ago we talked in relief society about busy-ness being "buried under satans yolk" and I was like "I mean, that's a lil intense, but I get it." and I totallllllly get it. 
I also hate when people say they have been ~*~* sooo BusSy LaTely~*~*~ and it's just super pretentious and annoying.
However, I HATE feeling bad when I say that i'm busy. I'm not trying to be pretentious or unrighetous, i'm just trying to be true. 
I am, by far, the busiest I have ever been in my LIFE. 
When I say that, I feel like I have to justify telling people I am busy. So then I go into this monologue: 
Every day I run about 200,000 miles a minute at school. Seriously. I sit down at about 3:30 every day and i'm like "phew!" like I just ran a marathon in a hurricane. 
Then I have to scramble to make sure everything is prepared for the next day, which usually puts me home about 5:00 where I continue planning for the next day/try to have some relationship with Mark/try not to eat total junk and then after a few hours, around 7:30, I start studying for my Praxis that is in two weeks (!!!)

It's rough trying to convince people you are busy because I feel like it's innate in everyone to "one up" you with the stories of how their lives are busy.  I know I am so guilty of this. My friend has been working really hard on a project lately and saying how she is so busy but in my head i'm like "you're not busy. I saw you had time to make a Pinterest craft last week so obviously i'm way busier than you!" Maybe i'm just the only douche who does this, actually....

Anyway, my point is that PEOPLE ARE BUSY. Everyone is freaking busy and we should just stop being jerks about it. If someone didn't text you back for two days and when they finally do they say they are sorry, they were busy and forgot, don't roll your eyes (me), just be like "hey man, that's cool. busy happens." 

I don't know why I have been SO fired up about this lately. It's just a thing, ya know? Maybe because I have been ticking a lot of people off by not really being "present" and then i'm like "DUDESDOYOUUNDERSTANDWHATMYLIFEISRIGHTNOW" 
so basically i'm self conscious and psychotic. Does this post even makes sense?

Ok, here are some pictures. 

Remember I told you about my friend/cousin Codi? She is doing a reality show on E! network, House of DVF. I visited her in NYC while she was filming and it was, to say the least, surreal. Anyway her first episode aired early On Demand and well....all I have to say is that producers LOVE editing, don't they? 

We went to Velour this week for the release of our friend's EP. They play in a band called Kitfox and they are just lovely. Check it out HERE.

 I keep trying to get a good picture of the gallery wall Mark hung above my desk for me but since that sttttuuuuppppid temperature thingy is right there, I can never get a good picture of it. However, it's my favorite corner of the house!

See those pink fuzzy slippers? Mark hates them. For good reason, since I wear them upstairs and inevitably get hot and ditch them somewhere so he is constantly picking them up. Anyway, this day I couldn't find them and immediately accused him of stealing them and throwing them away. Hahhhh. They were under our bed. Woops. 

Also that cup i'm drinking from? Mark also hates that cup. Haha.

So for our Greek Unit final I told my kids they could make food (amongst a bunch of other projects) and so last Wednesday I was fed SO MUCH and it was the best day of my life and I really patted myself on the back and said "Good thinkin, teach."

This kid put the Greek alphabet on cookies and I said...I accept. Take your A.

 I took my niece and nephew to a ward halloween carnival. They are almost Irish Twins so I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the night. I have honestly no idea how my sister and brother in law do it. 

She is the cutest dang thing but has no clue how to smile for pictures. No clue! Oh, Hallie. 

We went to Provo and ate at The Slab since my little brother in law swears by it. Since Mark wasn't being adventurous and just got three meat, I got Thai Chicken. I was pretty good but also WAY too heavy on the peanut butter. I don't regret it but wouldn't get it again? Ya know. 

Then we went to Velour (again) and saw Moth & The Flame.  We were right in the front. Literally front row. I felt bad because I heard this girl a few rows back who was *fangirling out of her mind* and honestly I could not have cared less and I was right in the front. 
Everyone shizzes their pants about Moth & The Flame but I wasn't impressed. Srrrry. 

So, Mark and I have already started talking about Christmas (sorry if that grosses you out) and we set a budget and a plan for Christmas plans for each other. Mark knows exactly what he wants and then some. I don't really know what I want other than some Agnes and Dora leggings and the shirt below....

HOMEWARD BOUND + DRAKE. You guyyyys I think this shirt is beyond hilarious and no one else does. I got really upset after showing our friend this shirt and he didn't even COURTESY laugh. Mark was like "Riley, just admit it's not funny." 
Someone, validate me. Quick.

Source: Passive Juice Motel

If anyone has stocking stuffer ideas for men, let me know! I searched Pinterest and they had nothing but the worst suggestions like "bungee cords!" ?????? Sorry, but I don't think Mark would be overjoyed finding even ONE bungee cord in his stocking. 

Have a good week!

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  1. so many things to say.
    1. i have wanted that drake shirt for months so i understand EXACTLY what you're feeling.
    2. i get the vegetarian version of the thai chicken and it's AMAZEBALLS.
    3. i am also a douche with busy-ness. since we're living with my mom it's even worse. i have a theory that all mom's think they are busy. like, even mom's who don't have kids in the house, or who are like 1,000 years old. they all think they are busy. so all the time my mom will talk about how she is too busy to cook or to go on a hike and i'm just like "YOU WORK AN 8-5 FIVE DAYS A WEEK AND HAVE NO CHILDREN TO CARE FOR YOU ARE NOT BUSY" and then i go into how i'm taking 18 credits and am soooo much busier than her. so ya. i get it. i know some people who have a lot of money and don't have jobs, and i bet you they would claim they are busy too! so, i've decided it's just something that will always be happening to everyone and as long as i can watch criminal minds while i'm getting ready for the day, i'm fine with being "busy". hahahaha

    1. 1. Um, how did I not just automatically know you would support the drake shirt?
      2. What other pizzas have you tried there? Because I feel like it's pretty vegetarian-friendly.
      3. K that's another point I should have added in there. When people say they are busy and like, the entire world knows they aren't. THOSE PEOPLE. My best friend is that person. I always want to be like "GIVE ME FIVE REASONS WHY YOU ARE BUSY. I BET YOU COULDN'T." but that's absolutely the douche inside me talking.

  2. I'm kind of a douche about being busy too. Like on Saturday someone texted me about visiting teaching me and I totally forgot about it after I looked at it and remembered later at night. My excuse was of course "Sorry it was such a busy day". Like bull crap actually, yes we helped a friend move but after that I took a nap and went to the gym. So whenever people tell me that they're busy I just assume that they just over exaggerate like me. HAHA am I a jerk? Idk. Also, I was super busy over the summer time. Like we constantly had something to do, but now life slowed down a little bit, but I still use that excuse. I'm such a jerk. I think being busy should just be taken out of the vocabulary.

    Also, we went to a stake meeting yesterday and one of the speakers said "I wish I could video tape you through out the day and then have you sit down to see how REALLY busy you are- you're realize that you waste so much time on the internet, watching tv and such". And I was like "guilty".

    1. No, absolutely not a jerk. I do that too! I would say realist? Or...skeptic? Because I always think about when I say "Sorry, it was a crazy busy day" and a lot of the times it really wasn't so I assume that people are also lying when they say that haha.

      I totally think that's true. I like to justify it with how many things I should be doing. Like, sure..i'm watching The Office right now, but I should be doing this and this and this and this. The more things on the list of things I should be doing the more busy I am, even though i'm not doing anything at the current. if that makes sense. haha, i'm all about justifying bad behavior.