Friday, October 10, 2014

pinata and a near death experience.

Last week, Leah, Emily and I went and partied it up at a spa in Bountiful. The owner of a line of specialty spa products called Salt of the Earth reached out to us lowly folks and invited us out for the night. It was super fun in the most awkward way. 

Salt of the Earth takes 72 natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake and uses it to create their products. I was hoping I would get to try some at the party and even better than that, we had the opportunity to mix our own scrub or cream. We could choose our own scent and then literally mix it in this big giant coconut bowl. Then we would pull the plug on the coconut bowl and it would funnel down into the jar. If you feel like you already have too many lotions, they have a bath bomb that you can fix as well!

After a lot of deliberation I chose Aloe & Green Tea and it smells heavenly!

I didn't really get a great picture of this, but the coconut bowl screws into the jar and you put a plug at the bottom of the bowl. Once you are done mixing with the special extractor spoon, you pull the plug!

Something that is super cool about Salt of the Earth is that they use Ikea products for their entire company. All of the jars they use come from Ikea's kitchen line. All of the furniture in their spa and warehouse comes from Ikea. It's actually really neat and smart, I think. 

Let me tell you about the highlight of the night, the pinata. So, they had a lot of stuff to giveaway so they decided to do a pinata. We were hoping they would break it and throw stuff out, but nah. It was birthday party style, one person at a time is blindfolded and gets three swings and tries to break it. So even though it wasn't a sturdy pinata, it took a while to break. Once it was broken, all literal hell broke loose. It was like my black Friday nightmare. I ran towards the pinata and got pushed over. The poor girl who broke it open was still blindfolded and getting absolutely crushed so I tried ripping her blindfold off her head but she probably thought I was just mauling her. Some lady actually got really hurt and was crying...and then someone just posted that they chipped their tooth??? It was nuts. I walked away with some lil notebooks and a lot of chocolate but my heart was racing for fifteen minutes afterwards. 

So the party was in their spa and it was actually just reclaimed storage units stacked on top of each other...which sounds like it could be a hot mess but it was really cool. Like I mentioned, they used Ikea in their entire warehouse and other recycled materials, like this particle board floor. Particle board is extremely cheap so it also could have been sketchy but the glaze they put on top of it made it look totally awesome. 

Can you see the reclaimed storage unit on the left? They painted it teal.

They had some masseuse's giving hand massages upstairs. Pretty sweet!
Ok, but maybe the highlight of the night was the food that was catered by Whole Foods SLC. I have never had fig anything before and I swear to you, this was the best cake/ice cream I have ever had in my entire life. Probably the best desert I have had in my entire life. It was amazing and GLUTEN FREE so I didn't feel like crap for the rest of the night.


But actually, I lied. The best part of the night were the fuzzy white robes we received. We put ours on to get a picture and I didn't take it off till the next day when I absolutely had to leave for work. It is so soft and amazing. 

Thankfully, Emily makes us take pictures!

Thanks to Salt of the Earth for hosting us for the evening! Even if we did almost get killed in a pinata mob.

If you are interested in trying any Salt of the Earth products, the owner gave us a super awesome discount code! I hate when bloggers are like "Here's a discount code....10%!" Uh, no. That saves me like two dollars. So Salt of the Earth is offering 40% off! That's pretty cool if you ask me. 

Thanks to Leah, Emily, Salt of the Earth, Whole Foods, Ikea, Desired Shots Photographer, Utah Bloggers, Stein Erikson Lodge & Spa, Grand America Spa, Garden Day Spa and Sego Lily Spa for a great night. Phew! 

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  1. DUDE. all hell really did break loose. it was terrifying.