Thursday, November 6, 2014

6 month anniversary, woah.

Ok, so maybe it's not a huge deal but it seems like a huge deal. So we're celebrating because we want to! 6 months, man. It's both felt like ten years and ten days. I bet that's what we'll say at five years, at ten years, at twenty years and at fifty years. But gosh, isn't it true. Our first four months were weird because, ya know, Maryland. As weird as that time was it was also THE best. It's crazy how fun it is to just experience new experiences with someone you love. To explore new places, have new experiences, feel different emotions, all those things with someone else. It's a doozy.
Now that we have been home for almost three months, things are starting to calm down a bit. Being home has actually been challenging in weird ways, but it's also been great to be married with a "normal" life instead of summer sales which is an entire galaxy away from normal.

Anyway, my brain is really frazzled right now so i'm sorry if this post makes no sense....I guess I just have to say, I love Mark. He knows, but I feel the need to let everyone know because ya know, society. He makes me food and is constantly picking up my towels, socks, sewing needles (woops) shoes, and cups. If we want to be specific.

Here are some wedding pictures that I didn't know existed? We have over 600 wedding pictures and I was looking through them all today and found these. I must have skipped over them before, but I found them quite funny this morning.

We're spending the weekend at Snowbird but we are eating downtown tomorrow. We keep going back and forth on semi-fancy places to eat. If anyone has suggestions on the restaurant or what to do in Snowbird, let me know! Please! 

We are also having a no phone policy this weekend (me) so, see ya! 

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  1. Congratulations! Also your dress is beautiful! Have the best day ever. :)

  2. Congrats! 6 months is like a baby anniversary. (: who did your wedding pictures?

  3. congrats! 6 months is totally worth celebrating, don't let anyone tell you different! i love the idea of a no-phone weekend, that'll be soooo relaxing. my ideas are as follows: alamexo is downtown & riding the tram at snowbird. have a fab weekend!

  4. um melting pot because of obvious reasons. but also eva's is pretty good and super cute and has THE BEST ROSEMARY FRIES I CAN'T EVEN.
    oh, or cafe trio is pretty neat too and like, fancy.