Friday, November 28, 2014

black friday

I already know this post is going to irk some of my friends that read my blog. However, I think the greatest thing about friendship is that we can accept each other's differences right? Right! Haha!

Ok, sorry, I love Black Friday. My family and I get pretty into it, we always have. It's our thing. We don't bond a lot, we bond over this. We all spread all the ads out on the living room floor and go through it together. Then we figure out our plan of attack and go for it. Some might judge that we bond over consumerism and I say to each their own. It works for us!

So this year, the first year of being married AND stores opening much earlier threw my schedule off a little bit, not that it slowed me down much. First things first, when I woke up I got on Target's website and scored a few deals. Then I went to Amazon and got a few things there. I also finally got myself a HELLO sweatshirt. I tried one on once about three years ago and I still haven't forgotten how comfortable it was. So now that they have their site for 40% off, I jumped. I also tried to buy some towels on JcPenney's website (15$ towels for 2.36! Whoop!) but as I was pressing "complete order" they informed me someone had taken the towels out of my cart! Hahah! What the! How does that even happen online? So weird. I was a little bummed out about that. If you are getting married soon, I would highly recommend registering for more than two towels. I do laundry 47 times a week. 

Anyway, Old Navy was my first physical stop, they opened at 4. We were with Mark's family so we were a little late, as usual with Mark's family, i'm actually surprised I convinced them to go with me at all! So what did I score from Old Navy?
Three pairs of jeans, two pairs of dress pants, two button-ups, one pair of boots, two sweaters, three pairs of socks, two shirts. Bingo bongo. 
Also, I really didn't want to support Old Navy opening that early but I mean, I did. However I was happy to say that hardly anyone was there for a long time. Maybe next year they will do it differently.

Then we went to my house for Thanksgiving round two. At 6:15 my Dad said "Let's go buy a TV at Walmart, we have till 7:00." So, holy crap, we ran to Walmart. It was IN. SANE. but also extreeeeemely efficient. The line wrapped clear around the store all the way to the very back but we only waited in line for about 20 minutes. My parents bought a lot of stuff, including a TV, but I managed to only walk away with a set of 3 candle warmers and 4 scents for $15.00. They aren't Scentsy which explains why they are seriously the ugliest warmers I have ever seen but hey, you can't beat that deal! I just hide them from the public eye haha.

Then we ended there. I wanted to go to the outlets and Target but Mark basically said I could buy Alison's Cookie Party if we stopped. So, we stopped! But that didn't stop me from going back to Old Navy early the next morning.....and then again a few hours later. Woops! 

Then today we went to Best Buy to just see if they had still had the doorbuster video game Mark had his eye on. Randomly, one last copy of the game was shoved on the shelf somewhere so we snagged it!

I ended the day at JoAnns. That was..... #woof. I was really interested in their jersey knits (I feel like I should be on Project Runway when I say that) for some Christmas presents and they were 60% off. There were so many people there that there weren't enough carts! I had to haul around like 8 bolts of fabric for over an hour waiting to get my fabric cut. It was a little bit more of a nightmare than I had planned on, but I saved about 80$ on fabric so I walked away happy. Now cross your fingers I won't screw up what I am sewing.

I still have a few stores I want to hit up. I wanted to stop by Target again....for no real reason. I am really trying a specific pair of Jazz basketball shorts that Mark bought at Scheels like, 5 years ago, that are falling apart but they are his favorite sooo... and then I am trying to decide if I want this shirt, it's 30% off but no free shipping! Boo! So it will probably wait. 

Mark just told me we could get chinese takeout if I stopped shopping. So I guess that settles in! See ya Monday, bloggy friends!

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  1. ugh wish i would have known about hello apparel cause i've been dyin' for one of those