Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Thursday is Mark and I's six month anniversary of being married and two year mark of being together in general. Woah, ya know? More on that later. This weekend, we are going up to Snowbird and having a really classy dinner. I knew I needed a dress for the occasion and I was searching high and low but it was really hard to find what I was searching for. At almost six feet tall, everything at usual stores is way too short on me. I am also in this weird place where plus sized clothes are too big but "normal" clothes don't fit me quite right. It's pretty frustrating. I mean, I guess I could go to the gym...but why do that when I can just complain about my white girl problems? So anyway, the dress. I couldn't find what I needed. 
Enter, stage left. EShakti. I had heard about this company first through Elisabeth and then eshakti started popping up on almost every blog I read. I have always wanted to try it out.  So when I finally got the chance, I was so excited! I was on their website for hours trying to pick which dress I wanted to get. They had so many cute ones, it was hard for me to decide. Here is the one I ended up going with!

I wanted to go with something really simple yet classy so I could wear it somewhere nice like this weekend but also throw a blazer on and wear it to work. 
I was nervous picking out the dress because 
1. Garments
 2. I need to be EXTRA modest around my teenage boy students. 

Initially, I found this dress and I knew it was what I wanted but then I realized that the sleeves wouldn't be long enough. With eshakti, problems like that aren't really problems at all because they let you customize EVERYTHING about the dress. I took a very small cap sleeve and added 3/4 length sleeves which is also perfect because my classroom is an ice cave. They have a ton of sleeve options, as seen below.
The customization doesn't stop there.  
Because everything with eshakti is completely custom, you measure yourself so you can get your size just right. This is where I went wrong. I used a ruler and a string because it was all I had, so my dress is a bit big, as you can tell in a few pictures. However, if you do it right, it will fit like a glove! I was just happy that I had sleeves and that I could bend over without flashing everyone. 

Initially, I thought eshakti was a little pricey. However, they offer $30.00 off your first order and then after you order once, you get $25.00 off your next order. Not only that, but they are offering 10% off for my readers. Use the code "rileyjustesen" at checkout to apply the discount.
I have to say that even without the discount, I would absolutely order with eshakti again. I sponsor a lot of posts on this blog, but I think this is my favorite. I genuinely cannot find dresses that are appropriate, it's a huge problem for me. I also like companies that acknowledge that some women not only want but need to be modest for religious reasons, work, etc. 
I already have my eye on a few items for Christmas. I love THIS dress but it's out of stock, for now. So I wait patiently. 

Have fun shopping! Thanks to eshakti for sponsoring this post and for the gorgeous dress.

Thanks to Leah from Ordinary Snowflake for taking these pictures and to Emily for tagging along!

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  1. lol when you texted me about which dress to get, it was the first time i had seen the hand emoji used as "stop" and it's now my favorite thing. so thanks for that.

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm going to have to buy some new dresses! So thanks for that! Also, where did you get those shoes?!

    1. THANK YOU TORIE DANCE! Haha! I got the shoes at Forever Young Shoes! They have them in different colors but I think you can order in the yellow!

  3. you look absolutely stunning!!! what a pretty dress!

    1. Thank you so much! I love how an awesome dress with pockets makes ya feel, you know?

  4. This may be the perfect solution for bridesmaid dresses. you. are. a. saint.

    1. Dude. I never thought about that. That would be perfect because then you can have them fit everyone.

  5. Love this dress. Can you tell me the name so I can look it up on Eshakti?

    1. Sorry it has taken me SO LONG to respond to this.

      I believe it is this dress but I added quarter length sleeves!