Monday, November 10, 2014

Picking a side, Thanksgiving v. Christmas

I'm gonna go ahead and say that the debate over whether you should start celebrating Christmas in early November or wait until after Halloween gets people more fired up than healthcare or marijuana. All I have seen on my newsfeed lately is people blowing up at those that are putting up Christmas decorations already or people defending their choice of listening to Christmas music! It's pure mayhem, I tell you! I am surprised there hasn't been blood shed about this. Maybe I just need to go through my Facebook friends list. Well actually, I know I do. BUT STILL! The fighting rages on.

I have always been really cavalier about this whole debate. I was usually too involved in my college world to take a real side. All I knew was my Christmas list needed to be to my parents by the second week in November and so I would put it together, send it off and return to thinking about school. It has also been a strict routine that we put Christmas decor up the day after Thanksgiving. That wasn't so much me "picking a side" as it was "try not to stress the crap out of Mom by wanting to put the Christmas decorations up, k thanks." and "Well if we put Christmas decorations up now, where will we put the four foot high paper mache turkey that Mom bought at Quilted Bear?" 
So, ok. I'm married now. Together, we get to decide what traditions we're gonna go with. I didn't ever think this would be a big deal. We'll get each other PJS for Christmas Eve, like the rest of the world. End of discussion. However, as soon as it hit mid-October I felt this weird sense of ....something. I was thinking about our tree. Real or fake? Do I want to go all out and get ornaments we will keep for the next few years or should we just do a popcorn garland and call it good? What are we doing for stockings? What other traditions besides PJs on Christmas Eve are we going to do? What are some good stocking stuffers for Mark? I better make my list! I literally got bugged with the Dollar Store that they didn't have their Christmas stuff totally up by November 1st. I asked when they would have Christmas stuff up and the lady gave me a look. A LOOK. 

After I bought everything for our tree (which i'm so excited for and I hope it will turn out as cool as I am thinking it will) I realized, I had finally picked a side. At least for this year. My Christmas flag is up and flying and i'm READY. Mark has managed to hold me off on putting the tree up but last night I said "Ok, next Sunday. That's the day," and he admitted defeat. Sunday it is.
So what is the deal with us for Christmas? We are giving each other a certain amount of money to spend on things we know we want. Then we are getting each other one surprise gift and doing stockings for each other. Don't forget the PJs. 
Mark wants a video game, records, posters, a shirt that is inappropriate that he thinks I will get him and I will actually neeeeevvver get him. The usual. I have a huge list of things that is going in his stockings and i'm actually really proud of what I put together. 
MORE IMPORTANTLY, what do I want? I want an Arcade Fire shirt, some perfume since I just ran out (suggestions?), some matte nail polish, THE MOST HEAVENLY lotion my nose has ever smelled, black skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, work pants 1 & 2  some tops for work, a black and white striped t-shirt  (perfectly slouchy with SMALL stripes. I'm setting Mark up for failure and he totally knows it) and a cheetah scarf. Oh, and some long garments. I also bought three pairs of Agnes and Dora leggings but I can't wear them until Christmas. So, they are sitting in my closet, really sad. Begging to be worn. 
Most of my list is going to be crossed off on Black Friday since Old Navy does their 50% off EVERYTHING sale. Last year I got a whole new closet for $150.00 it was insane. Except it actually wasn't insane because no one was there. I shopped in pleasantry for like two hours. Not the mad house you would expect. 
So here we go, into the wild Christmas before Thanksgiving celebratory Riley-fest. It all starts Sunday. Giddy-Up.
But I want to know, how do you and your spouse do Christmas? AND what are you guys doing for Black Friday? 
Well Karly, what do you want me to say? 
**Also, I posted on FB about me wanting to split Alison's Cookie Party with someone. Let me know if you are interested. Also, Blogger Pen Pal.******
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  1. nice. ya, to each their own ya know. also, i have that matte nail polish and it's amazing. the only thing is if you cover it with like a clear coat, the matte goes away. also, i just did one matte coat and it's kinda weak. i'll post a pic later this week because i'm 100% obsessed with matte nails and am glad you are into them too

    1. Ummmm thank you so much for that tip because I also ordered a top coat to go with it so I am glad you told me.

  2. ahhhh I want to be all Christmasy asap but since we are moving on december 20th it kind of kills any hope of having intense Christmas decorations. so we are just going to have to make do with seeing my parents' tree this year. personally I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are just one big party, like, I don't see a problem putting up your Christmas tree in November because it's just plain festive. but Christmas music...I can do without until December. as much as I love it, it does get a little repetitive after a month lol. also I kind of hate the concept of black friday (making people work on Thanksgiving night and early hours of the morning) but not gonna lie i am always out there scoring the deals at 5am Friday morning. but this year I'm trying not to accumulate a bunch of stuff right before we move, so we'll probably just go and scope stuff out and maybe buy a few small things if something catches our eyes. it's always a good time just being out there in the hustle and bustle, tho. (maybe i'm just weird for enjoying it.)

    1. I hate Christmas music always 100% of the time so I agree with you there. I am glad I am not the only one!

  3. I love how u two give on Christmas, that is so cool, love the idea !

    1. Thank you! I hope it works out and we keep doing it!