Monday, December 29, 2014

almost positive government experiences

Yesterday and today has been spent nursing what is turning into a sinus infection and it's nooooot the best time I have ever had in my life. I have been working my way through the Harry Potters while sleeping, such is life. This morning I decided I was making myself feel crappier by laying around so I got up and finished all those random little things that have been on my to do list like "Buy a loofah..." haha, really though! But my day started off at 6:45 AM with the DMV. Let's chat about that.
So about two weeks ago it became very apparent that my last name needed to be changed due to my work. Unless I wanted to confuse the heck out of my kids with two names, I just needed to do it. So I started off in the social security office. 
Man, that was a treat. It reeked like smoke in there SO BADLY that my eyes were literally watering. I kept thinking "It's almost 2015, how are people still smoking?" Really though, h o w? The social security office was packed when I got there so I was really worried. However they had all six windows open for about fifteen minutes so I was like "I am gonna get out of here Q U I C K." Like an idiot, I went at lunchtime so about twenty minutes after I got there, all the windows closed but one! I was so frustrated...but even there was only one very old man working the window, he was quick and I was only there exactly one hour. So that was somewhat impressive. I also was very nosy, I wanted to know everyone's story, why they were there, where did they come from. I started attempting to talk to this girl from France and from what I gathered, she had just gotten married to the guy next to her who was from Italy but moved here a long time ago and dudes, he was like 45 and she looked like she just turned 18 maybe yesterday. It creeped me out. She was gorgeous though so, go him. Then a little cute old guy was called and I was sitting right by the window he was called to and he started explaining his wife died last week and he started tearing up and I almost lost it. It was so sad. Anyway, so there was that about the social security office. Everything went way smoothly and I got my new SS card in like two days.
So I was wrongly very optimistic about government when I went to the DMV last week. My optimism continued when I was only waiting for maybe...3 minutes? Before being seen. Then things took a turn for the worse! The DMV lady basically told me that I forged a marriage certificate and that she wouldn't grant me a new license. I was like wahhh!? She hmmd and hawwwd for like twenty minutes about whether it was "real" or "fake" and then refused it saying "she just didn't feel right about it" uhhh ok lady, what am I supposed to do!? So she told me that all marriage certificates were held in a building downtown. So I drove from Draper to downtown in rush hour, it was ultra pleasant. Then I get to the marriage place and they are closed for another hour. So I wait the hour. Then they open and the lady cannot find my marriage certificate. So i'm absolutely freaking out that for six months, Mark and I actually haven't been married.. haha! Then I realized that Mark and I filed for marriage in Logan, aka Cache County. So the office I had waited an hour to get into wouldn't have my certificate. Haha! Oh man. I was actually in tears at this point. Crying in the marriage license office. I had to call Cache County to get our license mailed to us and the place in Logan was closed until after Christmas. That basically set me off all over again because I NEEDED to get my name change before my district office closed for Christmas. I left them a message and just prayed. 
Then I went to Trader Joes to get peppermint joe-joes and they were sold out. Kind of off topic but I just wanted to tell you that I cried in Trader Joes. Haha
Ok, so miraculously, someone from Logan called me back and mailed my marriage license, it got here in one day and so today I went back to the DMV. It only took about ten minutes and I had my new license. Funny story, they were doing the vision test on me and the guy asked me to read the line to my right and I couldn't see anything!! I was freaking out thinking I was blind! Then I realized I had closed my right eye for some reason?? I bust out laughing so loud and explained what had happened to the guy and he was SO not amused hahahahhahahaha
Anyway, then everything else went smoothly. I sent my passport in to get the name changed, I changed my name at the bank, with paypal, all my online accounts, even my Smiths loyalty card! Haha! So I am officially, to everyone except Utah State (working on it), I am not longer a Justesen! Woo! 
Then since I was so proud of myself for finally getting it done after almost 8 months of marriage that I went and blew all my Christmas money at H&M. As you do.
I requested that you guys take a survey on my last blog post and all of the options are literally even right now and I CANNOT DECIDE. Pleaaaase vote for an option. It takes ten seconds. 
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  1. YOU CRIED IN TRADER JOES. i have some peppermint joe joes left i think. text me your address and you might get a surprise on your doorstep.