Sunday, December 21, 2014

and a vuhry muhry christmas to you. (scentsy winners announced)

I have started and ditched about twenty blog posts this month. It's true. My drafts are overflowing. I write a few things and then I'm like "I can't publish this, it's all over the place" so it is left deserted in the drafts. However I am finally going to pull the trigger on this post. Here we go! Bam bam!

1/// I wish I could say my time away from tha blog has been spent preparing to teach my very own class, but nah. It's been spent planning a big Christmas potluck party with all of our friends. We tried very hard to throw a grown up party, very hard. However our parents stepped in for the really important parts and honestly, we couldn't have done it without them!

2/// I found this black dress at Old Navy and realllly wanted it despite Mark's skepticism. I won't throw the big knitted cardi over it again, but it's so comfy and so I will try other ways to make it work. 

3/// I have been mega stressing lately about how I am going to afford the things I need for my classroom to function. I am so surprised at how much people don't realize goes into making a classroom work and how I get no assistance from the district or the state. My Mom saw my woes and since she is also a sixth grade teacher, she put together a pack of essentials for me for Christmas. She gave it to me early so I could have it when I go in tomorrow to set up my room. I almost cried. It has everything! My favorite is the rolly cart. Those things are a pretty penny! But how else am I supposed to haul my junk back and forth? 

4/// My friend Ashley is the florist for Bottles & Blooms and she hooks me up occasionally! She made this gorgeous baby's breath crown and I was able to take pictures in it! It was raining really bad so Mark didn't have much patience. It's ok, it was about time I jumped on the selfie train I guess. 

5/// This goes back with the Christmas party, I decided to do mashed potatoes...for 30 I got a 20 lb bag of potatoes. I am laughing so hard that we didn't think there would be enough potatoes! Currently in my fridge is two gallon ziplock bags FULL of potatoes. It was the hardest thing to mash all of those, I thought for sure we were going to break the little mixer. 

Anyway, this will probably be my last post until New Years. I'm just not really feeling bloggy lately, which is ok. I am, however, feelin Christmasy. If you didn't know, my love language is gifts, so my heart almost explodes every Christmas. On Christmas Eve we are eating at Tsunami with Mark's family (yuuuummm) and then going to my family's annual Christmas Eve party. Then on Christmas day we are just hanging out! I just love love loveee Christmas. Plus, it's the first Christmas that Mark and I are married! So that's neat. I kind of went overboard with his present(s?) woops! I cannot wait for him to open them. I was talking to my sister who just got re-married and she said that she has a really hard time buying gifts for her new husband because he is not materialistic at all. I was like "huh..." because Mark and I as well as my sister are all extremely materialistic haha! We love things! It doesn't matter what you give us, we will pretty much love it because it's a thing! Anyway, i'm super grateful that I love things around this time of year...hahahahah and on that note, Merry Christmas! 

 Winners of the Scentsy Giveaway are....
$15.00: Kiana Probst
$10.00: Paige Stewart!

Email me at by Tuesday at noon to claim your prize or it will go to the next person. 

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