Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas! christmas! christmas!

We are trying to recover from Christmas over here. I got in a very rare mood and organized all of our cupboards, drawers and closets. We took down our Christmas decorations which actually felt really amazing, weird how excited I was to put it up but now I am happy to have things back in order. 

an ode to the greatest hits of Christmas food

Our first Christmas married! It was one of the better ones I have had! Starting on Christmas Eve, we went to Tsunami for dinner with Mark's family. It was INCREDIBLE. I have never realized the difference between the cheap sushi I usually eat and reallllly good (expensive) sushi. Oh and their ribs! Don't even get me started about their ribs. I am foaming at the mouth just thinking about it...haha. Then we ran to my family's annual Christmas eve party where we had quite the white elephant exchange. What do you guys think about white elephants? We brought adult diapers but there were several Starbucks and Cafe Rio cards floating around. Should they be funny or something more useful? 
Then Christmas morning, Mark and I woke up and opened our presents. I was so excited for Mark to open his gifts! We agreed on one surprise but I went overboard...woops. He got two pairs of shoes, two video games, a set of totally plain white plates (he hates ours, he says food doesn't look good on them...haha) and a gshock watch. His old one got all busted when he got in a bicycle accident so he needed a new one! He got plenty in his stocking as well. A one pound bag of beef jerky, a water bottle, a lego set...haha and tons of candy! I loved watching him open presents and I am reallllly glad I don't have to keep any secrets from him anymore. 
I also got spoiled! Mark got me a pair of beauuuutiful red hunter boots. They are so pretty. I also got a lot of clothes, perfume and candy! Woo woo!
We spent Christmas day hanging out with family. Then we got home and I started watching the first Harry Potter! I haven't seen it since it came out! It was great. 

The day after Christmas was also a very good day. We FINALLY have become a two car family after EIGHT MONTHS. Eight freakin months. Mark got the car back that he used throughout college from his sister. We keep remembering we have two cars now and we get really happy! Another cool thing is that we got a new dryer! We had to turn ours on with a wrench and it was annoying. Then my parents washer broke so they just bought a new set, so we got the dryer! 

The cool thing about being married over Christmas is people just give you money. I can hopefully get my DSLR camera soon, I just have to save a little bit more....and decide which one I want. Ahhh, choices.
Anyway, I also got myself a domain name for Christmas but tragically, was taken. So if you wouldn't mind taking this survey about which option you like the most, it would help with my indecisive ways. 

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  1. Your Christmas sounds awesome. And it's so much more fun as a married couple! It sounded like you really spoiled your husband- best wife award right here! And red hunter boots? Yay! Can't wait to see pictures of it.

    Sorry your domain is taken, that's so annoying.


  2. your christmas sounds so good & is that christmas tree made of books?! i LOVE it!

    1. Yes!! There is about 200 books! Kinda fun and different.