Friday, December 12, 2014

happy list///1

Why do I do happy lists? Check Emily's blog for the info. 

"will my husband ever return from war?" 
getting an amazing parking space at Walgreens/Mark bringing home a ten pound bucket of cheerios from work/getting to sew for the first time in a long time/trying to sew a pencil skirt and my butt bursting the seams hahaha/sitting lower bowl at the Jazz game/ the aquarium lit up at night/ finishing student teaching/a kid telling me I should be a God, not a teacher/ a kid telling me I need to work on my people skills, gave me a good laugh/getting final confirmation I passed every Praxis test, done with those mutha effahs/taking my chihuahuas on a walk in the amazing weather/ learning how to curl my hair in a new way/getting my hair done/getting $100 in store credit from Twice because of you guys! Not my intention but awesome nonethless. Bought a gorgeous Zara tassel purse, amazing Nikes and Sperry boots. Still have about $40.00 in credit, too!/spending my days watching Gilmore Girls and baking/ finishing an amazing book (Sarah's Key, haunting, beautiful, read it.)/putting new scents in my Scentsy and having my house smell delicious/a large dr pepper from McDonalds/a bath in my parents huge tub

Some funny quotes from people....aka Mark.
Said randomly after a long silence while driving: "Being a bird would suck because you can fly but you don't have arms???" 

While cuddling: "You have so many arms!"

Again, said randomly as we were both reading before bed and in the most serious tone I have ever heard : Mark: "I need more time..." Me: "What?" Mark" "More time to live to make stuff like this..." in reference to the Jurassic Park video I posted on www.wednesdays post.

"What did people do before the internet....did they even LAUGH!?!"

And my favorite, we were talking about some actors in a movie and he told me Eddie Murphy was in this certain movie. Then he paused and said, completely serious, "You know Eddie Murphy, right?" Maybe it wasn't that funny but oh MAN I keep laughing every time I think about it. 

Ok, I have to go visiting teaching in five minutes so I will end with this exciting news. I got a job! A real life teaching job! I will be teaching 6th grade Social Studies! I went to the school today to look at my classroom, get my badge, etc. Mark and I have been so blessed in about one thousand ways lately, I am not sure what we did to deserve it. This job was a miracle from start to finish. I randomly decided to go to the screening interview in Logan the day before, I got a second interview that went absolutely terribly (or so I thought) and then I got a call that I got the job. I'm so nervous, this school has so many challenges that my previous school did not. However I am excited to start working and really give it a go. Also, can we talk about social media for a second? Man, I love social media so much. I know everyone has their own issues with it and i'll admit, sometimes i'm like "K Facebook, you can go shave your back now." However I think it's really cool that girls who I had this kind of relationship with in high school like my good news and I like theirs. I dunno, I just felt super supported today. Maybe that is a dumb thing to say, but that stuff helps me when ya know, I "hypothetically" start crying because i'm scared of teaching. It's good to know that a lot of people support me.

Related, I will be home doing 1000)% nothing these next three weeks so if anyone wants to hang out, I mean.....I wouldn't say no....since this is what my day looked like...

Someone entertain me, or volunteer to help me do bulletin boards for my classroom. 

Have a good weekend!

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