Wednesday, December 10, 2014

www. wednesdays

I am kind of starting a new "series" that will probably fizzle out in the next two weeks, but it's called www. wednesdays. Things I (or more likely, Mark, that little reader!) found on the internet this week and that I think are cool, funny, weird, etc. Here we go!
1. Mark was excited to tell me about these gloves that tweet for you. Plz Santa,  I need them in my stocking.
2. Does anyone have one or two Facebook friends that actually post meaningful things instead of racist b.s :) :)? I am lucky that I have a few, but there are only a few. One of my friends posted this article about Volunteerism doing more harm than good and it is INCREDIBLE. What are your thoughts?
3. I introduced someone to the Motherhood Around The World series this week which then led into me re-reading all of it and I love it just as much as the first time.
4. Man, Tumblr has been SO GOOD lately that it is hard for me to pick the best thing from this week. I think I have to settle on THIS. I watched Jurassic Park for the first time this weekend (I know, right?) and then Mark showed me this on Tumblr and I haven't stopped watching it for so long. IT IS SO FUNNY.
5.  This bag is gorgeous. I can picture one specific friend wearing it. If you guessed Kelsey Devaney, hey! You are right!
6. Can you say white freakin elephant?! 
7. This whole site = are you kidding me? In the best way.
8. Have you guys seen this fashion collaboration going down today in the blog world? I love the idea. How do I get in on it? I think Aubrey's is my favorite look. 
9. Guess what song has been in my head for two weeks? :):(:)_()_): _)
10. And lastly, I cannot even believe that I spent 11 minutes of my life on this but I am both happy and sad that I did. This woman was so mad at Bath and Body Works for not having candles she wanted in stock that she made an entire video about how pissed she was. It does contain some language, so if that bothers you then skip this one. Anyway, Tumblr ran wild with it, as Tumblr tends to do. There are memes, spin off videos and so much more that I wasted so much time laughing at. Oh well! 
If you hate swearing or people from Wisconsin, press pause now!

Have a good week!

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  1. yayayayaya!!!! excited to check out all of these :)

  2. Some of them are so funny! Hahah thanks!