Wednesday, December 31, 2014

year end review---2014

I know, I know. Everyone does these. However, I like to think I have done it equally as long, or longer, as anyone else has. In fact, I logged into my Myspace last month and though 99% of the content had been deleted due to inactivity, there were 2 or 3 year end reviews in my blog section from 2006, 2007 and 2008. So boo ya, here we go. 
You can see 2013,  2011, and 2010, holy wowza. Not sure what happened to 2012. I know it's out in the universe somewhere haha. Also, looking back at those reminds me of why I hate the app "Timehop" so much. Anyway, let's begin.
Well, apparently this was an extremely dull month because well...nothing happened except that I quit the job I had for four years and it actually wasn't emotional at all. Haha, moving on to more exciting things.

Woo hoo! Mark and I got engaged! Which explains why nothing went down in January, we were busy trying to figure out our lives. Haha
Another month that went silently because I was busy trying not to fail school/plan a wedding/ I bought Sims 3 so what do you expect? 


Things started to pick up! We got our engagements done, I had my bacherlorette party and I went through the temple. 

I walked in graduation, Mark's birthday, we got married and moved to Maryland. All in the span of four days. We went to Chicago, the Bahamas and I went to New York to visit Codi while she did her reality show. I got a nanny job and Mark started selling and made over $2,000 his first week. It was freakin AWESOME.

We explored the world around us! Lots of trips to Baltimore and D.C, including an Orioles vs. Red Sox game!

I went home to Utah for my Grandpa's funeral, and then a few weeks later my Mom and Aunt came and visited. We also celebrated the 4th of July in D.C, not something I will ever forget!

We went to another Orioles game, we went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. My birthday! The same day we packed up and drove the looonng drive back to Utah. We moved into our cute little cottage and I began student teaching at Lehi Jr High.

I was trying to survive student teaching! It took me this entire month and well into the next to get the hang of things. I was able to take a break and go to Island Park in Idaho with Mark's family. It was a good little break. I also had a lot of fun blogger events this month, working with Tag's Thrift, Salt of the Earth and going to a tea party at Dear Lizzie!

HALLOWEEN! This is the first year I let myself have 0 expectations for Halloween. We just hung out with my family and it was actually the best!
Mark and I were able to go to Snowbird for our 6 month anniversary. We also had our first Thanksgiving as grown up married people! It was interesting and I ate two whole meals so.....woof. I also studied my butt off for two Praxis tests and passed them BOTH, which is one of my biggest blessings of 2014. If I had not taken them when I did and passed them, I wouldn't have gotten a job.

I ended student teaching and on my last week of student teaching, I got a job! 
We had a lovely little friend party where I got to see friends we hadn't seen since we got married..
and our first Christmas.

2014 was the best year of my life and also the hardest/scariest. We made so many life changing decisions this year, getting married, obviously, but also our huge move, Mark transferring schools, Mark not going to school full time (just this year, he will be back full time in the fall!), moving to Lehi, deciding if my job was right for me, it's crazy. I honestly don't think that when I ended 2013 I expected what was coming in 2014. I thought Mark and I maybe would get married but I wasn't sure. I was pretttty sure I was gonna graduate but I wasn't sure where I would student teach or if I would get a job. I just really had no ideas or plans which makes me so curious about what 2015 will be like. We have no big plans, no huge expectations, we really have nothing on our agenda. So i'm excited to see what happens! 

As for tonight, we are staying in. I finally went to the doctor to find out I have a double ear AND a sinus infection. I'm feeling prettttty sorry for myself over here. Haha so I guess we will just lay around and maybe play Life and Jenga... 

Happy New Year!

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  1. Okay I love your year!!! And also, myspace still exists? What? Also I used to be obsessed with sims. Like seriously obsessed.