Friday, January 30, 2015

new instagram

This morning I went to a district wide meeting for all the history teachers of all the grades. I got introduced since it was the first meeting I had been to like this and someone was like "hey! i've seen you on the popular page on Instagram before!" 

and I died, because yikes.

So I decided to create a separate account for my blog things and then put my personal account on private.

Go follow my blog account on Instagram, RileyJoBlog! 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

happy list////3

photo cred: lovely Alexa Zurcher

Man, last week was a doooozy. I was so sick and I wasn't my best teacher self. I was so happy that the weekend came and went by soooo slowly so I could really feel rejuvenated. I feel so relaxed and accomplished. I only wish that I had tomorrow off because Mark has it off! So all day I have felt like I don't have to go to work tomorrow! It's not fair, I tell ya.  
starting Broad City, loving it, binge watched it, want to watch it again already///going to a concert at Velour on Saturday, actually liking the band I wasn't there for, buying their vinyl and listening to it as I write this///eating nachos/// Mark getting called to young mens and since i'm in young womens we are that now that barfy couple///burger king's hershey pie o m g///getting random errands done (the kind you are constantly putting off///a clean house///sleeping in (till 10:45!!!!!)////finally getting rid of my smokers cough///good, great movies, (imitation game---looking at you)/// a great outfit///smiling and waving at the literal cutest baby I have ever seen///dr pepper, the real MVP///our $10.00 antenna so now I can watch the news///practicing my cursive on those elementary school tracing sheets so I can actually write my new last name hahahah///my broken phone case being covered by warranty///smiths fuel rewards because I filled my tank for $15.00///deleting myself out of fb groups that do nothing but annoy me///searching for the perfect blue so Mark can dye his hair hahaha////my most favorite human in the world's birthday, nikki van lith!///people finally acknowledging how TERRIBLE THE FAKE BABY FROM AMERICAN SNIPER WAS

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

interview with my husband

The other day I read someone's post where they interviewed their fiance and I thought it was really funny! So I stole the idea, obvi. I came up with some really weird and dumb questions to ask Mark. I was lol-ing so hard during the entire interview. I also have the literal worst cough so every time i would start laughing I would have a crazy cough attack. WORTH IT! So, sorry if this is only entertaining for me. 
Mark's current FB profile picture.

Describe marriage in one word, and don't say "hard"

What is the most pointless social norm?
"TIPPING! Tipping is such a joke."
What do you like most about living with me?
"You don't hinder my spending habits" 
hahah because in all the ways we are different, we are totally alike in our spending habits. which can be...yikes.
What is my worst habit?
"Ooo...we could make a list out of this. Chewing loud, doesn't use deodorant...just kidding. Mostly just leaving bobby pins EVERYWHERE (in Mark voice, sorry if you don't know that voice)"

Who is your celebrity crush?
Woman- "I don't know for women...there are lots of beautiful women." 
After I made him pick he said "Scarlett Johnanson, for obvious reasons" 
Then he paused for a little and said
"She is the only one in my league, the only one that's realistic for me"
Male- John Mayer. He has the most beautiful raspy voice and he is very calm, has cool tattoos, is a cool person....we'd get along really well....
(I knew he would say this)

Favorite youtube video?
Him: "....Are you gonna post it??"
Me: "No? I guess I don't have to?"
Him: "Ok, it's like that weird...amputee...opera video."
Me: "What??? *Cough attack from laughing"
After further explaining I realized what he was talking about and it actually IS the best youtube video in the world but unfortunately, not totally in the best taste. hahahaha

What exotic pet would you like to have?
He answers instantly
"A Parrot"
Me: "Why a parrot?"
Him: "It should be obvious, Riley"

What's your biggest pet peeve?
"I have SO MANY. People not cleaning up after themselves is my main thing.....or infants. In general." 
An hour after I published this, Mark suddenly said "I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY VIBE" and then he insisted I add it as an edit. Haha
 Favorite candy?
Dots and jelly beans. MOST underrated.
Me: ????

What's my biggest pet peeve?
"When you get told to do don't like that"
What's the weirdest thing about me?
"Your fingers, they look so decrepit. Especially when you are typing this blog post." 
What is your perfect day?
"Wake up, go to Denny's, get a Grand Slamwich. Then I go to a record shop and buy lots of cool records. Then I would go to lunch at BWW. Then I would eat 5,000 parmesan garlic wings. Then I would have a private screening of Game of Thrones season 5. Then I would go to dinner at a realllly nice sushi place. Then I would go see Arcade Fire live and they would play every song they ever wrote. Oh, and they would open for Pink Floyd whose dead members were resurrected. They would also play every song. Only until The Wall. Then they would stop." 
Thanks to Mark for being so Mark in this interview. 
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Monday, January 19, 2015


**Hey, super sorry if this makes no sense. Not even lying when I say that I had to just research to make sure I didn't OD on cough medicine. Germy little sixth graders taking advantage of my immune system!**

When I first met Mark and his group of friends back in 2008, they (minus Mark) had a band with an extremely unfortunate name. (The illusional biscuit??? Why boys, tell me why!) Even with their unfortunate name, I followed them around like a puppy dog, pretty much dying to be their "Merch Girl" which never happened. Boo! Then they left on missions and the IB ceased to exist. When they came back they formed another band, Bronze Museum, and had a lot more success with that name/band. Then while they were playing a show they met a pretty lady named Emilee Holgate who was apart of the band Kitfox. Emilee instantly became friends with them as well as me because she is hilarious and super kind and basically just one of those people that don't have anything negative about them. Whenever I see Emilee she always has some sort of yummy treat. That's definitely a plus. She also lived on the East Coast this summer and came to visit which was really fun.

Anyway, a few members of Bronze Museum joined up with Kitfox and a new era was born! Then a few months ago Mark and my friend and band member of Kitfox went to a Kopecky concert and met a guy in that band who wants to produce the new Kitfox record! Which is seriously an insane opportunity. With insane opportunity comes insane cost, and that's why they need our help to get to Nashville. Everyone who donates more than $1.00 gets a copy of Kitfox's EP. The prizes go up from there. If you donate $75.00 you get a date with Conor or Devon, hahahaha. But really, the prizes for donating are actually really awesome/worth it. So help them have their dreams come true! Plus they have a really well made video on their kickstarted page, so check that out. I always appreciate good cinematography. 


Thanks for supporting my friends! 
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey! Today I was actually like, "Hey don't I have a thing I usually do on Wednesdays?" WOO! Little victories! If you haven't seen my last couple posts, I usually just post a few things from around the internet that I am diggin lately. 

So, I actually have this weird guilty pleasure with country music. However I only will listen in the summer. There is just nothing like a country music concert in the summer. I have been to so many and it is always so fun! Mark, on the other hand, despises everything country. He has the theory that all the song sound the same. Then he found THIS mashup that combined six different country songs to prove that a lot of songs are exactly. the. same. It's pretty nuts.

Twice a week with my kiddos we watch CNN Kids News and the other day they showed this bubble freezing. My kids haven't stopped talking about it! It's actually really beautiful.

I love this blanket. It would be pretty anywhere I feel! 

Mark and I have been trying to eat less junk. December was so. freaking. bad. I don't know how we let it get so out of control. That's holidays though, right? Anyway, we tried THIS recipe on Sunday and we had it again for dinner last night. I was sad we couldn't find sweet potatoes at the grocery store but the butternut squash was way delish! 

Tumblr, I love tumblr. So much I love tumblr. Recently the thing that gave me the most lolzz was this post about Parks and Rec. Then I saw it changed to Harry Potter and I really died laughing. 

This week I re-stumbled upon the blog post in which my favorite interior designer, Emily Henderson, designed a little cottage for Snoop Dogg. Like what!?!? It's so funny! 

So pretty, but Mark is confused about the socks with the heels. I accept his confusion.

I'm really irritated with myself right now because I had the perfect article in mind for this post for like two weeks and now, for the life of me, I can't remember. Hopefully by next week I will! 

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Summer on the East Coast

This week I have been weirdly homesick for Maryland. When we were in Maryland this summer, it was incredibly hard to stay positive and see that what we were doing was a cool thing because Mark and I never got to see each other. Kind of a huge bummer for a set of newlyweds. However, the pictures have been going around lately of the model of the D.C Temple and I get so stoked every time I see someone sharing it because i'm like "That's our temple!!! We did sessions there!" Then I think about what a cool experience the good parts of Maryland were. That's when I get homesick for Maryland. 

When we got off the cruise ship at the end of our honeymoon in Baltimore, I was so terrifically sad that I was not going back to Utah. It was such a shock to me, like jumping in a freezing pool. I'm married, I live across the country from anyone and everyone I know, my life is totally different than it was last week. It was the strangest and most off-putting feeling in the world and honestly it left me reeling for about a month. However, looking back, this experience of living in a different place was absolutely everything to me. Here are a few reasons why:

Attitude is evvvvverrrythinngg
If this lesson wasn't obvious in various stages of life before, it certainly is now. I also think I maybe just learned this lesson last week. I was driving down a really dark neighborhood street in Lehi and I realized they didn't have any street lights on the street. If I were in Maryland, that would have bugged me so bad. I would have raved for the rest of the day how unsafe that was. However, since I was in Utah, I just shrugged it off. For half of the summer, I characterized my city I was living in as ghetto and run down because there were a few trashy places. Then recently, I noticed that Murray has a lot of run down and trashy places. OH MAN is it all about perspective and attitude. 
 Acceptance is a process
Even though I could have made it easier on myself with some positive thinking, the first month of living away was really hard. However, it's not an easy experience! You have to re-learn everything you once regarded as normal. As I mentioned in another post, little things like you shouldn't grocery shop at Walmart, the fact you have to drive for twenty minutes to get to a movie theater, the fact that you don't need to save as much money for gas because it's way cheaper out there, all those things are adjustments that you need to give yourself time to get used to. You can use this in all aspects of life! New ward? Give yourself time. New job? Get used to the new routine. I am not sure who ever decided that you should just jump right into things like it's all A-OK but any type of change takes adjustment time, and that's normal! My only advice would be to not judge your experience based off your adjustment time. For the first month I went on about how much I hated Maryland but I ended up really liking it at the end. I just needed to take into account some hardcore adjustment time. 
Always be open to new experiences
As hard as this summer was, I keep remembering how much it changed me for the better. It made me a more thankful and thoughtful person. I haven't exactly learned to be open to new experiences until recently, but man. Even if something is really hard, I would love to try it because I know it will pay off in the long run. Even though I learned some hard lessons this summer I would never trade those for anything!

I wrote this post in September and it's been sitting in my drafts. Since I have been feeling weirdly nostalgic lately I decided to revive it! (and add an intro) I am so happy we got to experience the things we did this summer even if it wasn't always picture perfect. 

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

leave your corn at home

Today I am exhausted but I painted my nails and my tummy is full of Cafe Rio, who messed up my order so I got extra stamps on my card as well as a free soda so I am one happy camper right now. 
I just wanted to drop in and update on my first week! It's not over yet but man, so much has gone down.
I was so nervous over the weekend as you can tell in my last blog post. I was just beside myself. I have never felt like that in all my life and I never care to again. Then on Sunday night I started getting my stuff ready and it was weird, I was just fine suddenly. Totally good. Ready. 
My first day went super smoothly! Any other doubts I had left when I had a whole group of kids waiting for me at my door this morning to meet me. Sixth graders in the middle school setting are such a weird group. They are still so little, sometimes I have to force myself to remember that they could still be in elementary school. However they are also in such a hurry to be a big kid. They are so conflicted with their own selves! I find them fascinating. Anyway, the first day was great. They were asking me all sorts of questions that only sixth graders would ask me. I was still feeling a little unsure about how the kids were feeling about me because they really loved their old teacher that left to have a baby. Then I heard in the halls after school "Do you like the new teacher?" "Yeah! She is so so nice!" So I was like PHEWWWWWWWW. 

The second day I came into my class after making some copies and there was an anonymous Dr Pepper left on my desk after I had gone on and on about how much I love Dr Pepper the day before. I so started to cry a little bit! 

The third day is when things started to get a little more real. A kid told me "You know one thing that sucks about you? You don't do your makeup good." I was in total shock but then I remembered I forgot to use my blend brush that morning so technically, he was right. Haha!
Then later in the day I was reminding the kiddos about their homework and a kid raised his hand and said "You know what your homework should maybe be? Working on your handwriting"
I was literally in shock. Like jaw dropping shock. Haha! What do you even say to that? All the kids chimed in with "That's MESSED up!" so I felt supported but again, he has a point. For a teacher my handwriting is not the best but it's also far from the worst???? I dunno, kids man. They are also obsessed with my hair color. So obsessed that I kind of just want to dye it darker so they stop. I have at least two kids mention it per class. One kid wanted to bring an ear of corn to compare my hair to. I was like "LEAVE YOUR CORN AT HOME" 

Then today I was in the office and someone asked if I was checking in. They thought I was an 8th grader! I was like "Uhh, i'm a teacher?" They were really embarrassed and I was just like "....."

Yesterday I came home from school and I was like "Mark, I just really love my job." I really do. I was so worried over the break that I didn't love teaching but that was all just nerves. I love this grade level already. I can do so many fun things with them. For example, tomorrow we are painting like Michelangelo. They are gonna have paper taped under their desks and they have to lay on their backs and paint! Could I get away with that in High School? Ho ho ho noooo.

I love my school and I love my district so far. My district is unique in a lot of ways and at the end of the day I feel so supported. All of the teachers have been so incredibly nice it just blows me away how willing to help everyone is! Also, the bells at my school aren't bells, they are music. Music just starts playing when class is up. Like 99.5 music. It's pretty cool. 

I am also really blown away as to how many people were sending supportive texts, calls, snapchats and other social media love on my first day. It was such a good feeling to know I have so many people on my side.

I have never been so tired in my life. I have never slept so soundly. Teaching six periods every day is a lot. A whole lot. However I am surviving and planning much better than I survived student teaching. But I still rlly rlly rlly need a nap. Thank goodness for the 30 cent soda in the faculty room.


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Saturday, January 3, 2015

happy list///2

doesn't this look like a great intro to a happy list???

being able to literally feel the antibiotics kick in///crying from laughter at Mark's face when I told him Dude Looks Like A Lady is one of my favorite songs///decorating our house a little more///deep cleaning///cleaning my desk off so I can actually put my laptop on it///homemade japanese food///zoupas tortilla soup///finding a new show on netflix///watching our neighbors dog play in the snow///my favorite new pair of pjs not shrinking in the wash///driving in mark's car at heats up soooo fast///having a dryer that I don't have to turn with a wrench :))))))///stuffed crust///buying a bunch of Nate Berkus stuff from Target, he is my everything///getting a new purse///VICKS VAPOR RUB///a hot shower with new yummy body wash///literally living in my Hello Apparel hoodie for the last week///Mark scratching my back when i'm sick///when pinterest is on point///hearing my grandma reviewing Night at the Museum///wheeling my other grandma around Ikea and listening to her commentary///checking stuff off my to do list///my bachelor fantasy league (if you want in, email me soon!) 

So, school starts Monday. I am completely and absolutely terrified. I keep thinking "college should have prepared me for this!!!" and yet, here I am. Not really knowing what i'm doing and yeah, just scared. I keep telling myself that it's normal to be scared but then my eyes get this burn-y feeling and I just panic and turn on another netflix episode so I forget. here's to hoping that I can write another blog post at the end of this week saying everything was fine and I had nothing to worry about! Until then..... I will just focus on my happy list :) 

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