Saturday, January 3, 2015

happy list///2

doesn't this look like a great intro to a happy list???

being able to literally feel the antibiotics kick in///crying from laughter at Mark's face when I told him Dude Looks Like A Lady is one of my favorite songs///decorating our house a little more///deep cleaning///cleaning my desk off so I can actually put my laptop on it///homemade japanese food///zoupas tortilla soup///finding a new show on netflix///watching our neighbors dog play in the snow///my favorite new pair of pjs not shrinking in the wash///driving in mark's car at heats up soooo fast///having a dryer that I don't have to turn with a wrench :))))))///stuffed crust///buying a bunch of Nate Berkus stuff from Target, he is my everything///getting a new purse///VICKS VAPOR RUB///a hot shower with new yummy body wash///literally living in my Hello Apparel hoodie for the last week///Mark scratching my back when i'm sick///when pinterest is on point///hearing my grandma reviewing Night at the Museum///wheeling my other grandma around Ikea and listening to her commentary///checking stuff off my to do list///my bachelor fantasy league (if you want in, email me soon!) 

So, school starts Monday. I am completely and absolutely terrified. I keep thinking "college should have prepared me for this!!!" and yet, here I am. Not really knowing what i'm doing and yeah, just scared. I keep telling myself that it's normal to be scared but then my eyes get this burn-y feeling and I just panic and turn on another netflix episode so I forget. here's to hoping that I can write another blog post at the end of this week saying everything was fine and I had nothing to worry about! Until then..... I will just focus on my happy list :) 

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  1. That Zupas tortilla soup is the best!!! Also I am scared of going back to school to teach and it's not even my first time with my own classroom so... It never goes away ;) you will do fabulous! It comes naturally as soon as you see them.

    1. This made me feel so much better yesterday because I knew you were right and you were!! Thank you so much!