Sunday, January 25, 2015

happy list////3

photo cred: lovely Alexa Zurcher

Man, last week was a doooozy. I was so sick and I wasn't my best teacher self. I was so happy that the weekend came and went by soooo slowly so I could really feel rejuvenated. I feel so relaxed and accomplished. I only wish that I had tomorrow off because Mark has it off! So all day I have felt like I don't have to go to work tomorrow! It's not fair, I tell ya.  
starting Broad City, loving it, binge watched it, want to watch it again already///going to a concert at Velour on Saturday, actually liking the band I wasn't there for, buying their vinyl and listening to it as I write this///eating nachos/// Mark getting called to young mens and since i'm in young womens we are that now that barfy couple///burger king's hershey pie o m g///getting random errands done (the kind you are constantly putting off///a clean house///sleeping in (till 10:45!!!!!)////finally getting rid of my smokers cough///good, great movies, (imitation game---looking at you)/// a great outfit///smiling and waving at the literal cutest baby I have ever seen///dr pepper, the real MVP///our $10.00 antenna so now I can watch the news///practicing my cursive on those elementary school tracing sheets so I can actually write my new last name hahahah///my broken phone case being covered by warranty///smiths fuel rewards because I filled my tank for $15.00///deleting myself out of fb groups that do nothing but annoy me///searching for the perfect blue so Mark can dye his hair hahaha////my most favorite human in the world's birthday, nikki van lith!///people finally acknowledging how TERRIBLE THE FAKE BABY FROM AMERICAN SNIPER WAS

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