Thursday, January 22, 2015

interview with my husband

The other day I read someone's post where they interviewed their fiance and I thought it was really funny! So I stole the idea, obvi. I came up with some really weird and dumb questions to ask Mark. I was lol-ing so hard during the entire interview. I also have the literal worst cough so every time i would start laughing I would have a crazy cough attack. WORTH IT! So, sorry if this is only entertaining for me. 
Mark's current FB profile picture.

Describe marriage in one word, and don't say "hard"

What is the most pointless social norm?
"TIPPING! Tipping is such a joke."
What do you like most about living with me?
"You don't hinder my spending habits" 
hahah because in all the ways we are different, we are totally alike in our spending habits. which can be...yikes.
What is my worst habit?
"Ooo...we could make a list out of this. Chewing loud, doesn't use deodorant...just kidding. Mostly just leaving bobby pins EVERYWHERE (in Mark voice, sorry if you don't know that voice)"

Who is your celebrity crush?
Woman- "I don't know for women...there are lots of beautiful women." 
After I made him pick he said "Scarlett Johnanson, for obvious reasons" 
Then he paused for a little and said
"She is the only one in my league, the only one that's realistic for me"
Male- John Mayer. He has the most beautiful raspy voice and he is very calm, has cool tattoos, is a cool person....we'd get along really well....
(I knew he would say this)

Favorite youtube video?
Him: "....Are you gonna post it??"
Me: "No? I guess I don't have to?"
Him: "Ok, it's like that weird...amputee...opera video."
Me: "What??? *Cough attack from laughing"
After further explaining I realized what he was talking about and it actually IS the best youtube video in the world but unfortunately, not totally in the best taste. hahahaha

What exotic pet would you like to have?
He answers instantly
"A Parrot"
Me: "Why a parrot?"
Him: "It should be obvious, Riley"

What's your biggest pet peeve?
"I have SO MANY. People not cleaning up after themselves is my main thing.....or infants. In general." 
An hour after I published this, Mark suddenly said "I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY VIBE" and then he insisted I add it as an edit. Haha
 Favorite candy?
Dots and jelly beans. MOST underrated.
Me: ????

What's my biggest pet peeve?
"When you get told to do don't like that"
What's the weirdest thing about me?
"Your fingers, they look so decrepit. Especially when you are typing this blog post." 
What is your perfect day?
"Wake up, go to Denny's, get a Grand Slamwich. Then I go to a record shop and buy lots of cool records. Then I would go to lunch at BWW. Then I would eat 5,000 parmesan garlic wings. Then I would have a private screening of Game of Thrones season 5. Then I would go to dinner at a realllly nice sushi place. Then I would go see Arcade Fire live and they would play every song they ever wrote. Oh, and they would open for Pink Floyd whose dead members were resurrected. They would also play every song. Only until The Wall. Then they would stop." 
Thanks to Mark for being so Mark in this interview. 
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  1. Hi! So I found your blog a few months ago when one of my friends posted a link to your blogger pen pal idea. (Round two, I think. Did that ever happen? I thought it was the best idea!) And I laughed out loud reading this interview (even though I don't know you or your husband (so I guess that either makes me really weird or you guys really funny) so I did one with my husband! I don't think it was quite as good as yours, but I just wanted to say thanks for the idea! And I have loved secretly following along with your blog. haha

    1. Hi! Oh my gosh, I never did. I need to! I tried to do it around the holidays which wass a bust, so I will try again. I totally want to read! I am glad you thought this was funny. I just had a convo with my friends yesterday that this was only funny for people who know my husband so I am glad you had a nice lol! I wanna read yours! Thanks for following!!